Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the top of Baylor's favorite things: SWINGING! 

But of course there are a few other favorites ...

1. Britax Marathon Convertible Seat: The infant seat is long gone and we've moved on to much bigger things. I ended up buying this seat simply based on safety ratings (and let's not look over the fact that it matches Baylor's old infant carseat — we must match when we're eventually cruising with two babes). It's nice and roomy and fits great in our car - no complaints!

2. Hanna Anderson Organic Sleepers: If I could own all of these, I would. The zipper makes pajama tears SO much better and they're really basic, simple stripes - oh, how I love thee.

3. Zara Oxford Sweater: I don't know about you, but I have my standard, go-to grey pullover sweater and it's been worn more than I'd like to confess....so I figured Baylor better have one too. Zara's baby clothes are always spot on, soft, and last a long time. Plus, the chambray elbow patches are just too much.

4. California Baby Bubble Bath: Bubbles are a bath time necessity and these are natural, divine smelling and include a little bubble wand....PERF!

5. Ikea Bead Rollercoaster: I just bought Baylor this not too long ago and it was an instant hit. He's pretty perplexed at the whole set up and sometimes gets frustrated that the blocks don't come off (read: he can't put them in his mouth), but he always goes back for more. And the price! Oh, Ikea, you are too good to me.

6. Baby Levis: Baby buns & Levis .... need I say more?

7. Ellas Baby Food: Baylor has been eating these since about 6 months, but I just can't say enough about them. I give him other food when we're at home, cause these get kind of expensive, but they are the best. The combos are great and B loves all of them. This is my go-to when we are out and about.

8. Peg Perego Pilko Mini Stroller in NEON: I bought this for Mexico, and traveling in general, and have grown to love the little thing. It folds up in a pinch and is super light and small. Because B get's cabin fever in a mere 5 minutes, we are out and about quite a bit, and this stroller has been perfect for every outing in the book. And the neon stripes - well they speak for themselves. // side note: i have a weird thing with strollers, and intend to do a post on our humble fleet in the future.

B's growing so fast and every day is something new, so I'm always on the hunt for our new favorites. Let me know if you have any suggestions! We're in the market for a wagon, as Baylor has decided that rather than be strapped in to anything, he'd prefer to roam free like a normal human... :) We swung by Emma's house and took hers for a spin today, a little test drive if you will!

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