Pregnancy Update - Week 30!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Monday! I've officially hit 30 weeks and time feels like it's moving just a little too fast! I was frothing at the mouth when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Baylor - thinking time couldn't move any faster and that it would be physically impossible for me to wait 10 more weeks to hold my sweet baby! 4th time around is a little different, and I'm feeling like I have a years worth of work to cram into 10 weeks. The nursery is nowhere near complete, the thought of taking out all our gender neutral clothes is enough to send me straight to Target for 3 packs of onesies and call it a wardrobe, and the reality of getting the girls sleeping together is looking pretty slim. So I guess you could say things moving right along ;)
 A few stats: 30 weeks | 35 lbs gained (more than full term with both girls!) | sleep only interrupted by toddlers with dragons under their beds | baylor wants a boy baby (because we already have girl babies) | bella wants a new baby | all winnie wants is to sleep in her own damn room | craving burgers, fries & milkshakes

Baby is super low and moves most in the morning and evening (or that's when I stop moving enough to pay attention!) | We have finally settled on names and I can't decide if I love our boy or girl name more! Can't wait to find out what this baby is! | Passed my glucose test with flying colors - because I'm not sure how I'd survive without ice cream before bed.

We're headed out on a quick trip over the long weekend, and after that have no plans other than summer-ing the best we know how, preparing & nesting for our newest addition, and still organizing & labeling the hell out of every corner of this house. 10 weeks is going to fly by - I can not wait to see the kids with another sibling and to soak in ALL the newborn snuggles.

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Alison H. said...

Totally random, but how is it waiting for the gender reveal? I know it's probably a little easier because you have both a handsome son and two adorable girls, but I'm 12 weeks now (with a sassy 3 year old girl) and trying to decide if we should find out or wait? Just wanted to pick your brain on the subject, thank you and congrats, I'm so excited to see the nursery, you have such an original sense of style, I adore it!

Kendra Henderson said...

It's definitely not easy at times, but the longer you go, the less it seems to matter! The beginning is when it's the hardest! For us though, the surprise in the delivery room is worth every minute of the wait!

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