Apple Picking

Monday, September 26, 2016

The kids & I met up with some of our besties last week to do some apple picking, and it was the perfect fall day (rain boots, donuts, coffee and apple picking are all at the top of my list). Sometimes, the best days come from no real plans, and spur of the moment jump-in-the-car decisions! 

Now... what on earth do I do with all these apples? Leave your best apple recipes in the comments, because mama needs some inspiration!! 

Happy Monday! XO


Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall is finally here and I sort of feel like I've waited my whole year life for this :) Summer is great & all, but I play hard core favorites and in this instance, it's fall. Can't beat the crisp air, the pumpkin patches and the feeling like everything is right again when festivities resume. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorite fall things with you, because I want you to love fall just as much as I do. Collin thinks I'm nuts, and Baylor has totally jumped on my bandwagon, assuming his "concerned citizen" status by worrying about every store or place we go to that hasn't yet decorated for Halloween. I totally agree with him - get on it, people! We also drove by the pumpkin patch today and he begged that I call them to find out when they open - he's dying to get his chubby little fingers on an orange pumpkin. He's going to make a bitchin' husband one day. :) 


All of these things are total favorites around here - the easiest plates for kids in the most festive colors, perfect halloween jammies that fit everyone, the cutest book about a Fox who is confused about falling leaves (very pertinent for a very curious 4 yr. old), the most delicious smelling fall candle I've found, perfect halloween cookie cutters (that crooked witch hat is amazing!), and our favorite hand soap, which also comes in counter spray & dish soap, in the most festive of scents!

Hope your weekend plans consist of comfort food, football, and kicking your feet up - TREAT YO' SELF!

10 Months of Winnie Wilde

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy 10 Months to our sweet Winnie Wilde! 
Some of her favorite things: climbing stairs, grazing for whatever the big kids drop on the floor :), giving big juicy kisses and when her big brother gets her after nap time. 

Her favorite foods are yogurt, strawberries, turkey, and quesadillas. She's standing on her own but hasn't quite taken a step yet - I fear we're very close! ;) She sleeps from 7-6 and sometimes wakes up around 3:30 or 4. She's still napping from 8:00 -10 each morning and then again from 1:30-3:30 in the afternoon. She's happy to just sit on my hip & observe the chaos, but doesn't hesitate to jump in if duty calls! 

Her favorite things are her blanky (the COZIEST EVER!), her walker, & these teethers (teething sucks!) 

She's full of joy, a little bit wild, and overly adored by each one of us!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

While I don't claim to be an expert on motherhood, by any means, I have found a few "hacks" along the way, the may seem ridiculous or silly to some, but that make a big difference in our standard operating procedure around here! 

Let me share some of my favorite #momhacks with you: 

GRABBER: You guys.... this is hands-down my most favorite mom-hack ever. Target has a dollar-section in the party aisle (not the one when you enter the store, but closer to where the birthday balloons & plates are) and they have little trinkets for party favors. One of the favors that ours has is these cheap little plastic grabbers. While some might assume they're great for little boys who want to traumatize their sisters, I saw it as a golden wand that can pick up everything in the backseat without breaking my back to reach. This little grabber is a gift from God and saves me from pulling over 50 times a day to pick up another damn toy or book that fell on the floor. Better yet, it delivers snacks and wipes to the backseat with a simple pull of the trigger. I promise, you won't be disappointed with this $3 purchase. :)

KITCHEN RUG: I feed three kids, three times a day and a husband, twice a day. This means, our kitchen table gets a LOT of action. Also, the floor. There's constantly crumbs to be swept up or water to be wiped up (because 99.9% of meals have a water spill, right?). I got SO sick of wiping the floor on my hands and knees multiple times a day, so, my mom-hack? I put a super durable, jute rug under the kitchen table. This way, it catches crumbs & water spills and I just vacuum it once a day (or every couple days - because who the hell has time to vacuum every day). It was less than $100 at Target and can easily be replaced if it gets ruined by something. 

CLOTHES in the TRUNK: This one happened due to my inability to keep my car cleaned out, but has paid off ten-fold. Keep a basket of clothes in the trunk of the car - pants, jackets, shoes, socks, a sweatshirt, whatever it is, for the kids. We've pulled from this basket more times than I'd like to admit, and it's covered my ass (not literally) in a handful of situations. It's a major win around here when everyone remembers shoes and in the winter, Lord help us if we don't all have hats or gloves to wear outside! 

5-MINUTE CLEAN: I've mentioned this before, but it's one of our go-to's. Set a timer for 5 minutes, and in that time, do nothing but pick-up/clean. Our house looks like a tornado if we're home during the day and it's a super easy way to get things picked up before nap time or dinner. You'll be blown away with what you can accomplish in 5 uninterrupted minutes. The kids love this too, because the novelty of racing against a clock still lives when you're 2&4. #suckas

ONE LOAD A DAY: I learned this one from the great Mix & Match Mama... do one load of laundry a day to keep the piles away. I try to start one load every morning before I go downstairs to do breakfast and find some time during the day to switch it over to the dryer (usually before naps) and then try to fold in the evening when the kids are in the bath. If you build this into your routine, it makes laundry a little bit more manageable. 

GIVEAWAY BAG: I keep a paper shopping bag in the bottom of everyone's closet and throw give-away items in there as I'm putting their clothes away or picking out their outfits (because you always run past one or two things that need to find a new home!) ... Once the bag is full, we donate or sell. This makes closet clean outs much less daunting and the maximizer in me is always trying to fill the bag :)

A few things I'd love to do, but just haven't managed to conquer: laying out outfits beforehand, meal-planning, organizing past season/too small clothes, and keeping up on those pesky piles that accumulate at the garage door.   

What are some of your #momhacks?! Hope these help you! 

Weekend Update

Monday, September 12, 2016

Today is Baylor's first day of preschool and in his own words, he is "SO JUICED UP!" ... too much sports center & guy time with Dad. :) He also got out of bed last night and told me he needs some "magic"... I said "Baylor, what do you mean, magic?!" thinking he might have been referencing that "jitter glitter" that we just put under his pillow from his teacher. No, my friends, I was mislead. He said that "when yo butt hurts you can go poopy and it feels like magic when you're done cause poopy is like magic" and then proceeded to run to the bathroom and make "magic". THAT, is boys... ;) 

We had a pretty full weekend, with some family in town, lots of football (of course!), and plenty of adventure - all such a blast with the kids. 

Saturday morning, we went to the beach, and rented one of those super dorky,  but totally fun multi-person bikes and rode up & down the strip. We had coffee & donuts in hand, the kids were so happy and the weather really showed up for us. It was perfect. We're starting to realize that getting out and about and doing something productive on Saturday mornings really starts our weekend off on a great tone. Otherwise, I notice the kids getting antsy and Collin and I scrambling to find some way to entertain them. 

Saturday night, we went to a good ol' fashion high school football game. A right of childhood passage in this house :)

Sunday, we skipped church, lounged around the house, walked to Starbucks and watched more football. (Or napped on the sofa more, if you're Collin). We had family photos on Sunday night - here's a few iPhone pics I snagged! Nothing like seeing your babies all dressed up! 

Baylor's teacher sent him home with "Jitter Glitter" last week after Meet the Teacher night and we read a couple preschool stories & the poem from his sweet teacher last night. He sprinkled his glitter under his pillow (Collin suggested he keep it in the ziploc bag, and Baylor looked at him like "how dare you") He's SO excited to go learn, to play with the trucks at preschool and for a SNACKS! 

Happy Monday, friends! 

Halloween Shelving

Thursday, September 8, 2016

We're sprinkling bits of fall over here  ... who am I kidding, we are diving in head-first and there's no turning back. I'm kissing pumpkins, chugging pumpkin spice and coordinating my half-time dances during nap time. 

I worked on our open shelves in the kitchen and wanted to share a little update with you! These shelves are hand-down my favorite part of our kitchen and makes decorating for the holidays extra festive! Too many dishes? I don't speak that language. 

Confused as to what to put on your open shelves? A few of my tips: 

1. Pick a palette: Pick one or two "accent" colors and keep it consistent. This will ensure that regardless of what you're putting on your shelves, it will all look cohesive (in moderation, of course!)

2. Add greens: Greenery is under-rated, especially in the fall, but it really does bring life to a space. Especially the kitchen! 

3.  Think outside the box (or kitchen!): Yes, you want your shelves to be functional with dishes that you'll use, but artwork or non-kitchen items really add interest to your shelves and serve as the perfect place to display! 

4. Stack & Layer: If your dishes are simple, stack them or layer them along with other dishes - varying heights & textures will create a nice visual.

5. Bring balance: This one is a bit harder, but balance is most important when it comes to open shelving. You don't want all your bowls on one side of your shelves and stacks of books on the other. Symmetry will help, so repeat similar items a couple times. Step back (a million times) to make sure that everything feels balanced. 

Open shelving is a total moving target, and will constantly change, so just be patient, don't be afraid to change things until you find a composition that makes you happy! 

Fair Fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Collin grew up in a semi-small town where the fair is the thing to do. These people take their fair very seriously, and I, as a result of our marriage, have had to adopt this tradition. Let me be frank: at first, I was not down. The fair was, in my mind, the armpit of America. The last thing America needs is more fried food, a lot of really bad crop-top moments, and more Kid Rock (although I have been seen at the annual Kid Rock concert a time or two, because "all summer long" was my jam). 

Anyways, I've changed my tune since having kids and the fair is totally my jam now. (#ripolivia)
There's really nothing like walking through the gates, seeing the kids eyes just light up, and smelling a fried elephant ear. God Bless Amurica. 

We went early on Saturday to the fair and had the best time. There weren't a ton of people (partly due to an unpredictable forecast (hello, Seattle in September), and largely due to Labor Day weekend), so there were zero lines for anything. We stocked up on Fair Scones, ate cotton candy & fresh dairy ice cream (the best!!), the kids rode dinky fair rides that cost way too much, and Baylor mulled over the John Deere booth for what seemed like an eternity. Collin and I exchanged about a hundred "this is the best!" glances and knew we were walking in one of those special moments of being a family. It was just really good. 

We were exhausted afterwards :)

Happy Hump Day! We're headed back to the fair tomorrow, because we just can't get enough!  

DIY Wooden Spoons

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Occasionally, I dabble in the DIY scene (my god, that's a weird sentence) ... If there's more than 3 steps, I'm out. And if it's too much of a mess, I'm not game. Listen, I have three kids 4 & under, I'm not into making messes with anyone

I came across a package of wooden spoons/spatulas at Home Goods a few weeks ago and immediately grabbed them, knowing they'd be perfect candidates for my feeble DIY skills. 

These were very easy to make, took a total of 15 minutes and make the perfect house warming gift or hostess gift paired with a little candle or dish towel.

You can buy wooden spoons virtually anywhere, these were a HomeGoods find, but Target or Amazon has them.

1. Use washi tape to tape off sections of the handle - get creative here, you can really try anything. Stripes, dip or just one big color on the entire handle! 
2. Once you've taped, start painting. I gave each handle two coats of paint and they dried really quickly between. (We used Target's Handmade Modern paint line - the colors are SO fun!)
3. Once all the paint is dry, peel the paint off. It's as easy as that my friends! 

Hope your labor day weekend was amazing! I'll share more about ours tomorrow, when this holiday hangover wears off. On a happier note, it's FALL, BITCHES! Hide yo husband, hide yo kids, cause mama's getting the pumpkins out! 


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy Hump Day, guys! We're hanging by a thread here for the last few days of summer ... everyone is ready for routine, I'm fall clothes shopping for the kids today, and a little cooler weather sounds like just what the doctor ordered. In the same breath though,  I just can't believe that it's September tomorrow. 

A little bit of what we've been up to: 

We spent a a couple weekends ago in Spokane, and had the road trip from HELL on the way home (more here, in case you missed that...) I love this pic of Collin & the kids. They really truly adore him and he's totally the rockstar parent. I'm super boring compared to "dada!"

Winnie is officially 9 months old, which is totally blowing my mind. She stands up on everything, loves to dance to music and thinks Baylor & Bellamy walk on water. She finally has started giving us kisses which is so so sweet & super slobbery. I sat in her room tonight & rocked her to sleep - something she rarely lets me do without nursing her (friends with benefits I guess...)
I marveled at how quickly she's grown, and took a mental picture of her tiny toes rested on my legs. Being a mom is just the freaking best. 

We've been soaking up the last few weeks of summer with lots of evening walks around the neighborhood. The kids have taken a liking to their scooters and pretty much always look completely hap-hazard in their jammies, Bella with her tutu, and their obnoxious helmets with random shoes. I just ignore all the smirks from those other moms in the hood - what can I say, you can't teach swag, you're born into it. 

Last weekend, Collin and I decided on Friday before bed that we'd rally everyone up early on Saturday and get out of the house. It was the perfect morning and had us planning future Saturday morning adventures the whole way home. We went to Alki beach, looked for sea creatures, pinched lots of little crabs, ate delicious sprinkle donuts & even treated ourselves to hot cocoa/coffee - the weather was perfect for a warm beverages. My love language is and will always be quality time, so my cup had runneth over :) 

The love for donuts runs deep in this family. Hope you're having a fantastic week! You're in the homestretch!! 
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