Winnie's First Birthday Party

Thursday, December 1, 2016

We had the best time celebrating our little tiny one (who's not so tiny anymore!) for her first birthday. She woke up to lots of balloons & confetti in her crib, we gave her a chocolate croissant for breakfast, took her to Nordstrom for new shoes (our birthday tradition!) and had a family dinner complete with confetti cake and candles to celebrate! Safe to say, she was very loved. 

For those of you wondering what's in the box? We got her this & it's a hot commodity in the house now. :) 
We celebrated her birthday with friends and family a few days later with a very cheery party! I struggled with a theme, as I wasn't ready to do christmas, but I was so over Halloween. So we just went with some fun colors, glitter and lots of confetti :)


I worked really hard to get all these photos (this has to be a record for the third child), so it was essential that I displayed them proudly ;) 

I made these delectable ham & cheese sliders with a dijon glaze and still dream about their buttery, cheesy goodness. I'll share the recipe next week!


We had such a fun time celebrating our baby girl! 

Gift Giving with Thymes

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's no secret that I have an obsession with candles - if you come over to our house, there's always at least two burning. I love mixing the scents (Volcano from Anthropologie makes a great base and then we add in seasonal) and I never hesitate lighting a few, even if it's just me at home. They create a really cozy ambiance, make the house smell amazing and just make this mama happy. 

Thymes kindly sent us some candles from their Frasier Fir collection and I can honestly say these are my NEW favorite. This scent has that classic christmas tree scent, but is a little more woodsy,  not so sweet like some of the other pine scented candles you'll find. It's the perfect balance of pine & cedar and our house smells like we just chopped our christmas tree down. (#itsfake) The wood wick candle sounds just like a crackling fire ... obsessed. 

We packaged a diffuser and candle up with some festive chocolate, and a thank you note... it made the perfect Holiday treat for some of our dear friends who just moved into a new house!

These candles make the perfect gift ... think teachers, hostess gifts, neighbors or even your closest friends. I stock up at the beginning of the season and then am ready to gift at a moment's notice! The packaging is so beautiful too, ready to gift without any work.

PS... when you buy a Thymes candle, you're also buying a real tree with their Buy One. Plant One. campaign. For every product sold in the Northwoods and Limited Edition collections, a tree will be planted – giving back to the very thing that inspired the Frasier Fir fragrance. My favorite part? Coordinates to where YOUR tree is planted is listed on the insert provided with your cool is that?!!

This post is sponsored by Thymes but I only share products that I truly love. Thanks for supporting the brands that support me! 

Life Lately

Monday, November 28, 2016

The holidays are officially here and we are in the swing of all the things... So i thought i'd catch you up! 

Winnie turned one, and while I plan on sharing all about her party this week, here's a sneak peek ;) 
She loved the cake, but the balloons are what really won her heart. 

We headed out of town a few days after her party to visit family for Thanksgiving. Collin's aunt & uncle live in the coziest bunglow on the most pictureste street lined with massive trees. It's one of our favorite places to visit. 

We had a perfect thanksgiving - lots of amazing food, good laughs and many stories to take along with us. The kids were loved on so hard, and Collin and my cup "runneth over" :)

this was as good as it gets... notice our slippers ;)

The next day, we loaded up the kids and headed to Pullman for the Apple Cup. I managed to snag one & only one photo - an Apple cup of sorts ;) The kids were oblivious to the heart breaking outcome of the game, but regardless, we had the most amazing time. Pullman is one of those places you bring your kids and everything you do feels like it's cemented in your heart as a special memory. I've cried in that stadium more than one time holding our kids and watching the world pass by, the big & the small.  There's just something special. 

We headed back home on Saturday and are still in total holiday mode. Monday is a rough adjustment, but it just means one day closer to Christmas ;) 

Our elf showed up yesterday, and the kids were in total shock & awe. They couldn't believe that she made such a mess (#OCD) and after tasked with naming here, decided unanimously on "Chicken Pig Burgon" ... while it has zero swag to it, it's totally rubbing off on me. Chicken Pig started out in the middle of the kitchen counter (rookie mistake) but decided she needed to move to higher ground during nap time because STICKY FINGERS. So, now, I'm pinteresting Elf on the Shelf ideas and trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to maintain this level of mystery for 28 more days... Jesus help.

Hope your transition into the week is going smoothly -- here's a tip: order take-out, open a cold beer, cozy up under your favorite blanket, and turn on The Holiday. You undoubtedly deserve it. 

Large Scale Photo DIY

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A few of you have asked how I did our giant wall photos in our living room, so today I'm going to share my "secrets" (of which there are none) with you, so you can get the same look. Spoiler: it's super easy. 

This is definitely one of the bigger walls in our house and I was constantly changing it up, but never found something I loved. It's next to the fireplace which can be visually distracting and I just didn't fall in love with anything in this space.

I've been wanting to take black & white photos of the kids and decided that while the lighting was good and I had everything set up, I would just go for it! 

I started with a white backdrop, I have a roll of backdrop paper for my shop, but really any plain white or light surface will work (blank wall, door, white posterboard, ect) will work. Make sure the natural light is really good when you take these, it will make a world of difference.

As far as the photos go, that's up to you! The kids had just woken up from their naps so they were a bit tired, and very sweet. You can have them laugh, smile, play with toys or glasses, add accessories or even shoot them with just a white t-shirt. Totally depends on the look you're going for. 

I took these on my iPhone, edited them in VSCO (the BEST photo-editing app there is in my opinion) on the "X1" filter and then saved them to my phone. I had them printed in 20x30 size at Costco (walgreens and staples ect. also offer this size) for only $10 each! It doesn't get any cheaper you guys. I know there are some places that do architectural prints (and Joni at LayBabyLay has an amazing tutorial on a variation of this!) but they're on a really thin paper. I wanted these to be a little more durable on photo paper so that's why I chose this option. 

I bought frames at a local frame shop, but you can but any 20x30 frame and you're ready to hang! SO easy, SO quick and the kids think they're rock stars with their giant wall portraits. 


  Hope your week is going well! Thanksgiving is very close, which means Christmas is even closer! These make awesome gifts, too!

Suncadia 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

After a really long week, I'm back online. I had to walk away for a few days post-election and just love on my people. This time of year gets so busy for us, as a family and work-wise, things really go into full gear. I'm learning each day to pace myself, to say no, and to be present when I can and to grind when I have the chance. It's all a balancing act and while I often times fail (miserably), it's just important to me that I keep learning & moving forward! 

We spent the weekend in Suncadia (a little vacation town an hour into the mountains) and it was everything my heart needed. We have some very generous friends (thanks M&J!) who invited us to their home and we spent the weekend relaxing, unwinding and just hanging with our people. I have a really hard time slowing myself down, so the best way to do that is to escape. 

The kids played hard, we skipped naps, went to bed late, ate too many treats and had the best time! 

Happy Birthday, Collin!

Friday, November 4, 2016

To our 5'o clock hero. Our boo-boo kisser.
Our dinner time dancer. Our wrestle mania superstar.
Our favorite swing pusher. The world's snuggliest dada.
Our College Game Day guru. Our "Scooter Squad" leader. 
The one with the most positive attitude & gracious heart. 
Our morning motivation, the one who is always dancing
Our Starbucks delivery guy. Our YES man, and our peacemaker. 
He's the guy who makes our family whole, who keeps us all sane. 
He's the heartbeat of our family 
and our kids have no idea how blessed they really are to call him Dad. 
His impact on their little hearts will undoubtedly be lifelong and unforgettable. 
We love you, Collin! Happy Birthday!
You're 365 days lovelier than you were ... it's about to be the best year yet! 

Love, your favorite boy, your best girl, your little tiny and yours truly. 

PS... Collin is amazing at what he does ... go check it out. 

Mom Thoughts

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A few "mom-thoughts" for your Wednesday... 

1. Who taught my kid the word "butt-hole?" ... I surely don't use that in conversation and have never called Winnie a "butthole-baby". 
2. How many days do I let this "Can I have a piece of halloween candy?" non-sense continue? I'm sure I've said "no more candy" at least 37 times today. 
3. Nerds are like the glitter of candy. Where the eff do they keep coming from? 
4. How soon is too soon to put up Christmas decor? I know once the tree goes up, the kids will ask relentlessly when Santa is coming. 
5. Is bedtime fair game after dark? #daylightsavings
6. Bellamy had a dream that Jesus came over and jumped on her trampoline and then ate wild babies for dinner. On a scale of 1 to physcopath, how concerned should I be? Also, what in the actual hell is a wild baby
7. "This is Us" has made me cry like a baby every episode. I'm not sure how much longer I can tolerate all these emotions. Collin says I'm like Elsa, cold as ice. 
8. Bellamy was bothered by Winnie's crying yesterday and told her to "be quiet and go eat a boob!"
9. I will put myself on a corner if it means I can afford my house cleaner every week. Because there's nothing quite like walking out of your house, only to come back 3 hours later to no more Dorito fingerprints or goldfish crumbs. Reminds me of this.  
10. Being a mom is some sort of strange reality - your kids can drive you to an insane asylum, but you come out in your white mental suite loving them even more. It really is magical and unexplainable and crazy in the best way possible. 

PS... check out or Instagram for a discount code for family photos with Stacy Jacobsen!! 

Halloween 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween was so fun ... but can I just say, Halloween with kids is a LOT of work. We handed out over 1,000 pieces of candy (SO many kids!) and our doorbell is probably feeling very hungover this morning ;) We made some great memories, but we're ready to move on to Christmas! (Thanksgiving is great, but it's part of the Christmas season in our brains) ...

A few snaps from last night! 

The UPS man showed up right when we were headed out to Trick-or-Treat and it felt like a kiss from the Halloween gods. 

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! 

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! There's really nothing like waking up on a holiday, knowing all the FUN to come. The kids went to bed giddy with excitement last night ... almost like there were spiders in their beds. (Bellamy got out of her bed 700 times asking for water, another blanket, different pajamas and God knows what else... she's basically a vampire, sucking the life out of me one night at a time. I probably should have put spiders in her bed.) 

We have big plans today with school Halloween parties, trick or treating, and handing out candy to some 400+ trick or treaters that make answering the door a full-time gig. I can assure you, my power ranger costume might not hold up to all this activity (mama bought a size too small;)

If you're looking for something warm, quick and delicious for dinner tonight, I'd suggest takeout.
Hahaha, no seriously though, you have to try this soup

Last Halloween, I was weeks away from delivering Winnie, moonlighting as Cat-Woman, and dating Batman on the weekends... my what changes in a year! 
Can't wait to share our Halloween pics with you guys this week! 

Hope your day is FESTIVE and you make some sweet memories with your family & friends... that's what it's all about, after all :)

5 Things to Say instead of "You have your hands full!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you would have asked me 4 years ago how I'd feel if someone told me: "my, you have your hands full!", I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and said "whatev!" BUT, after hearing it every time I go in public and often times repeatedly, I loathe when people say it. Some people say it kindly, some, not so much. 

SO, every time someone says a comment about my kids or my family that is affirming, kind, or socially acceptable, I take note. Here's 5 remarks that I've heard, that are suitable replacements when you might think "man, she has her hands full!"

1. It gets easier! 
This one is always encouraging, and always gives me the extra little oomph I need, knowing that it won't be as challenging forever. 

2. Your family is beautiful! 
Because who doesn't like to hear that their kids are cute. Also, cuteness makes bad behavior in public a bit more pallet-able. 

3. Look at all your helpers! 
Glass-half-full approach always does wonders and often times changes my perspective, even just for a bit. 

4. You're doing a great job! 
Because as a mom, it's really easy to feel like you suck. Especially when your kids are throwing a shit-fit in the toy isle at Target. 

5. Nothing,
The ol' "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Sometimes, the last thing I want to hear is the peanut gallery. Trust me, there's plenty of nuts in my shopping cart. 

SO, next time you think about saying this to someone, try one of these phrases instead. Or, if you're in my boat, where you hear this all the time, brush ya shoulders off and tell yourself something kind.  Because we're all doing our best, better than we think, and the kids are alright ;) 
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