Real Talk

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lest you think our life is full of rainbows and sunshine, clean kitchens and well manicured nails...
I wanted to share with you a bit of real talk about some of our real-life behind the scenes catastrophes lately ... take heart, we all have struggles. I just wish ours didn't involve so much shit. 

Bellamy colored all over the white cabinets with a sharpie last week... For those of you who encounter this in the future, we used a dry erase marker to color over the sharpie (which felt SO wrong) and then wiped it off with a magic eraser. Strangely, this worked. 

Driving home from family dinner a couple weeks ago, Baylor thought it'd be a great idea to put his chewed-up gum up his nose... just to see how it smells. This is different than shoving, say, a pea or a bean up your nose. Let's just say the kid was smelling spearmint for a solid week before we got it all out. Lesson learned? (probably not...)

We watched the two neighbor girls on Friday, which is usually so great. Well, I had a few errands to run so loaded up all 5 kids and headed to the mall. About 25 minutes into the drive, one of them decided she wasn't feeling well and immediately threw up ALL OVER my back seat. The older sister, whom I now know has an incredibly strong gag-reflex decided she also needed to throw up, so without hesitation, I dumped out my beach bag that was in the front seat, and threw it back to her. Needless to say, the beach bag is no longer. 

We spent the weekend east of the mountains for a family wedding (about a 4 hour drive) and came home last night. A 4 hour road trip turned to 6 hours, between crazy traffic, and 3 pit-stops because nobody has any bladder control (Collin included). Bellamy's dress fell in the toilet at a rest stop (where's the bleach...?) and Winnie decided to poop in the last 45 minutes of the drive, and then wiggled her hand in there enough to get poop all over herself, her car seat, and her clothes. But wait, it gets better... she then proceeded to taste said poop. I looked in my rearview mirror, thought to myself, "who gave Winnie chocolate?!" and then went into immediate panic & shock. So I guess it can be said, that the third kid eats shit? 

I can only wonder what's next?! 

Hope your Monday is going better than our Sunday ;)

Friday Favorites

Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Friday, which gives me all the feels. We've got a jam-packed weekend ahead of us, but our only plans for today involve popsicles, the pool and a million "mom! watch this!" moments. 

But first, Friday Favorites! 

The summer weather around here is nothing short of amazing, but it's destroying bedtimes. It's light here until at least 9 or 10pm. Winnie doesn't have black-out curtains in her room - which is a total rookie mom move. I went online to see what I could find and they're all so expensive. I wouldn't mind if I loved the styles, but I just wasn't a fan. So I took to amazon to find an alternative solution. You changing. The GRO Anywhere black out shade was only $30, suctions to the window behind the blinds (so you can't even see it!) and blocks out all light. She's already sleeping so much better and I've ordered one for everyone's room :) 

If you're looking for a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe - you have to try this one. The dough alone is worth it. 

I lost my Ray-Ban sunglasses & am totally depressed about it. 
I'm now in the market for some new ones...any ideas? (these were them, my favs). 

Baylor has been rattling off some hilarious statements lately, but my current favorite is when he tells me that he doesn't like "that flavor of spicy water (la croix) because it tastes like beard... you know, like line & beard mom.) Line=Wine Beard=Beer #outofthemouthofbabes

I know it's only August, but have you seen these adorable cat jammies from the Gap? 
(these & these are equally adorns)

Hope you're weekend is full of sunshine, a cold one, and a good bonfire! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let's taco-bout NACHOS ... I had a serious craving for delicious bar-type nachos a few weeks ago and with my current child-to-adult ratio, I won't be frequenting any bars. SO, what's a girl to do? Make them yourself! (this is the extent of my DIY...) 

Also, if you're looking for "healthy" nacho options, this is sadly the wrong blog. #cheesewins

Here's the strategy:
On a baking sheet, spread one bag of tortilla chips (whichever kind you fancy)
Drizzle the chips with the sauce from a can of "Chiles in Adobo Sauce"
- Cover the chips with Mexican 4 Cheese Shredded cheese (one bag should do, but grab a second if you like EXTRA cheese!) - you may want to do two layers of chips/cheese if you're baking sheet is smaller.
Bake at 300 for 10 minutes or whenever cheese is melted

Next up: "Hot" Toppings
This is totally up to you on preference but here's what I layered on ours...
- Rotisserie chicken with taco seasoning (shred your chicken and then warm up in a skillet with taco seasoning. Set aside in fridge for a few hours to get the flavor developed)
-Corn (blacken in a skillet first)
-sliced black olives 
Top with more cheese & bake at 300 for 10 minutes or so (again, going for melted cheese here)

Finally: "Cold" Toppings
-Diced Tomatos
-Fresh Cilantro
-Cotija Cheese (or feta if you can't find cotija)
- Crema or sour cream mixed with a bit of heavy cream 
**I used a condiment bottle to drizzle the crema**
-Lime slices on the side

One tray of these serves 5-6 people perfectly. 
Serve up with these margaritas and you'll feel like you're on "Bachelor in Paradise" ;)


Getting COZY with Burts Bees Baby

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

**This post is sponsored by Burts Bees Baby, but babies, toddlers, & opinions are my own :)**

Even though it's hotter than HOT out right now,  I've mentally jumped in to shopping for fall (how can I resist?!) and am keeping the a/c on high, just to put the kids in some of these cozy finds. 

When Burts Bees Baby reached out about their new fall line, I was all in - some of my favorite newborn clothes for Winnie were Burts Bees baby (remember that adorable christmas set!) - and not only are they 100% organic cotton (which makes them super soft), but they fit really really well - something that's really important to me! 

Burts Bees Baby generously sent us a few of their new pieces for fall and I was SO excited to get these on the girls.

These little flares & crochet jacket kill me.

One pieces are so easy for Winnie, because trying to layer a wriggly wormy baby is overrated.
This little gray romper (part of the new Fall Collection) is a total closet staple.

Now... who's brewing pumpkin spice lattes, burning fall candles and turning on the fireplace?
We'll be right over... ;) 

Blueberry Picking

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We met up with some of our besties last week and did a little blueberry picking (key word: little) ... the weather was as good as it gets, and the fields were virtually empty as we barely squeezed in before the end of the season. Because of that, the berries were somewhat sparse and teeny tiny, but just perfect for little hands and a high pick-to-eat ratio. 

 This is seriously one of the most stress-free activities for little ones. I'm always on the hunt for things that I can successfuly do with 3 kids 4-and-under... and this one was a total win. 

The kids had a great time, we all got a nice dose of sunshine and even stopped at the fruit stand on the way out for some giant peaches (remember James & The Giant Peach!? - Wouldn't that be a fun Halloween costume!)

How about this circus? Winnie hates hairbows and will do anything to get them off her head. 

What's in Your Lunchbox?

Friday, August 5, 2016

While I'm in total denial about Baylor going to preschool in September, there are a few fringe benefits (take these with a grain of salt - I'm a stay at home mom ;) ... cute backpacks & lunchboxes, adorable school photos and a mandatory visit to the pumpkin patch - how can I not root for this type of behavior?! While I haven't bought any supplies or required items, and Baylor won't even be going to school over lunch time, it just felt wrong that he didn't have a lunchbox. So I hit the ol' google machine and got to work ;) (I'm so lame). 

If you're on the hunt for a's a few of our favorites! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

Now, what to pack inside? Save that for another time ;) 

Coffee Oreo Popsicles

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Treats are a staple around here (#treatyoself), and coffee is an absolute essential (because middle-of-the-night wake-ups are far too common - last night's was Bellamy wanting to wear the white dress with the purple bow instead of her pajamas, and Baylor wanting to come in our room to watch Jimmie John (aka Fallon #toomanysandwiches )...oh, and Winnie, yeah she just wants to be fed at a moment's notice - me too, Winnners).

To heal my woes, I decided that that mama's need a treat that combines the goodness of ice-cream, the necessity of coffee and the novelty of a popsicle. Whoever said popsicles were only for kids was SO square. So here you go ... :) 

3 SCOOPS VANILLA ICE CREAM // 1 CUP COLD BREW (we used stumptown, but any will do!) // 1 CUP MILK // 6 OREOS CRUSHED // 2 TBS CHOCOLATE SYRUP

Blend all of these ingredients together until it's the consistency of a milkshake. Before you pour into your popsicle molds (we have these ones), put a tablespoon of crushed oreos in the bottom. Once your popsicles freeze, this will be at the top and is easily the most delicious part of the whole ordeal :)

Freeze for 4-6 hours and they're ready to go!
These are totally justifiable for breakfast - basically a frozen mocha ;)

Inspired by this ...

Monday, August 1, 2016

If I'm being honest, summer puts me in a total creative funk. I have no motivation to do anything but play and lounge, it's hard for me to stay motivated, and feeling inspired doesn't come as easy as I wish it did. (the only thing I'm inspired to do is eat icecream and watch parenthood... #shameless)

I have a few projects I'm working on and have jumped over to pinterest to get inspired, so I wanted to share with you what's inspiring me, at the moment. Because we all need a swift kick in the creative ass once in awhile! :) 

All images via Pinterest

Ok, so tell me ... what are you inspired by right now?

8 Months of Winnie Wilde

Sunday, July 24, 2016

8 months has always been most most favorite pre-one year milestone with the kids (aside from those first few days home from the hospital - because that's presumably what heaven is like). Winnie is already 8 months old and has been SO much fun lately. She's pulling herself up on everything (and has the war wounds to show for it, crawling like something's on fire, and has a few new additions in the teeth department, which is great 90% of the time ;) 

She laughs, loves to play chase, pulls your hair, and scrunches her nose like a piggy - how I don't die every time I see that cuteness, is unknown to me. Eating is definitely her favorite activity and she powers down 1 or 2 food pouches at every meal. If she's sitting next to Bellamy, she gets a much bigger cut of dinner than I probably even realize. She LOVES to see her brother & sister (despite risking her life in their hands, regularly), and only says one word: "dada". I mean honestly, I have no hard feelings about it ............ 

monthly onesies via 

A few of her favorite things: 
These teethers are the perfect size, and easily the favorite around here. I've mentioned these diapers before, but have to add them to the list, because there's nothing quite as great. She's really become attached to her blankie and her "bun-bun" as we affectionately call it. And these shorts are hands-down my favorite thing to put her in for the dog-days of summer. 

Happy 8 months to you, Winners! We love you and can't imagine breakfasts without your chubby cheeks full of applesauce, nap time without your warm snuggs, or any time without that beaming smile, that little dimple in your left cheek or those big open mouth kisses that melt us all to pieces! 

Nordstrom Sale Picks!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and much of my morning was spent perusing the pages of, dreaming about warm coffee & fall candles, and of course what we're all going to be wearing! 
You've probably seen a handful of these posts today, but I'm totally jumping aboard, because, FOMO is real, and nobody wants to miss out on a super awesome sale item that was an oversight. 

Here's a few things I added to our closets! (everything is linked up!)

Seems as though we'll all have matching clothes ;)  
What'd you guys find? Pre-sale goes until tomorrow and then the starts for everyone on the 22nd! 
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