SATURDAY ... please don't ever leave us.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Saturday,  I'm still in my pjs, Baylor is napping upstairs and I've eaten two donuts so far. I meannnn ... does it get any better? We planned on doing some serious weeding today (our yard is OUT OF CONTROL) but really, who weeds when it's 39 degrees outside? Definition of stupid. So we're hunkering down, surfing the web, catching up on magazines and drinking lukewarm coffee (cause the microwave is too long of a walk)!

Let's see - what else can I tell you...

We got a new niece on Thursday and she is just as precious as you'd imagine. Her name is Natalie and she has a head full of silky dark hair - i die! Not to mention those sweet little lips and tiny squeeks. Yep, I told you guys I had baby fever.

The living room is getting painted on Monday and I'm SUPER excited about what we chose. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect artwork on the wall. It's going terribly. I'm exceptional at making decisions, but not when I can't find anything I'm looking for. SO - I'm searching endlessly and want to find something ASAP so this living room can be DONE! There's really nothing worse than a halfway house. (NPI).

Hope your weekend is fabulous - I plan on making cookies, doing some recipe searching for the week ahead and snuggling with the littlest.

BONUS: my absolute FAVORITE cookie recipe in the whole world.  Just thank my girl, Paula.

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Anonymous said...

Luke will sooooo thank you for this!!

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