Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh today has been a day ... 
Let me paint the picture for you ... me, feverishly packing for a weekend away (why the why do kids need SO MUCH STUFF?) and Baylor "playing sweetly on his own". Sounds ok, right? Yeah, until your iPhone ends up in the blue toilet water and your one year old is splashing like it's the bathtub. Nothing makes your stomach drop quite like seeing your iPhone in the poop hole of the toilet. He doesn't know better, right? Hold back punishment and cue forced smiles and kind guidance. In the true life of being a baby though, all was made right when he snuggled on my shoulder and only lifted his head up to give me a sweet little baby kiss on the lips. I forever forgive you, Booney. Siri on the other hand, does not. She is wet and sounds like a drown rat. Poor girl...although she has always had such an attitude, so maybe it's karma. ANYWAYS...

We had lots of birthday shenanigans this past weekend as our sweet little buddy turned ONE! I seriously couldn't believe it and got a little blinky at the thought of it. BUT, let me just tell you, I would WAY rather be in 1st Birthday Land than baby delivery ice diaper hell. So all in all, there was really nothing to get too emotional about - I was counting my blessings all day. 

We ended up doing two parties to keep down the size (we both come from large families) and it was a perfect excuse to do two different themes and mix things up a bit! 

Because I'm such a rockstar mom, I decided that I wouldn't take barely any photos of the party. Seriously ... what kind of mom forgets to take photos of her first child's first birthday. #momfail at it's finest. But don't worry - we have a bajillion of him eating cake. Screw the rest of the party, the cake is where it's at I suppose. 

Baylor had been sick the entire week before his party and hadn't eaten much solid food, so I had legitimate visions of him ralphing on his birthday cake, but good news, that never happened. In fact, he dominated both cakes and kept it down as a true gentleman does. So proud. 

Next year, hopefully I'll have learned my lesson & will get more pics, but as for this year...this is it! 
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natasha {schue love} said...

Such a sweet party!!! Makes me excited for Ethan's first!!

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