teething makes me want to cry, too.

Monday, June 10, 2013

We are knee-deep in teething and good heavens it sucks. Seriously, can't we all just pop our teeth in like dentures - this gum busting deal is SO overrated. Baylor got his first tooth at 6 months and we're still going strong - we're up to eight with two more currently dominating his mouth. I haven't found that one item works every time, without a hitch (with the exception of whiskey & Tylenol ;) jk) — BUT I do have a rotating stash of teething essentials that I'll share with you dare you ever have to endure this. One of them always seems to do the trick.

ONE // the monkey is not a conventional teething toy and somewhere along the line it probably lists something about not chewing on this, but this obnoxious little monkey is our very dear friend. Baylor LOVES chewing on his stubby little arms and sucks on them like it's his job (he's our makeshift binky)

TWO// these are harmless, natural and Baylor thinks he's getting candy (sucka!). And they help alot!

THREE // I can't even tell you how many clothes we go through in a day with the amount of drool that this kid produces. I really hate bibs, but when we're home playing and hanging out, we try to put one on Baylor to save on outfit changes (because he doesn't have NEARLY enough clothes for that, not to mention he hates getting dressed - can't blame him). These bibs are super soft, absorb drool really well and aren't too long where he gets them caught under his hands when crawling.

FOUR // ahh the vibrating teether. this little guy is a genius piece of work. Baylor knows EXACTLY how it works, and loves loves loves it. We have the bananas, but you get the general idea. tomato, tomato. (see what I did there?)

FIVE // the lifefactory teether rings are awesome and have actually shown their longevity time & time again. They have great textures on them which not only feel good on their gums, but help a ton with eating and development. Plus, these make great bracelets ;)

SIX // pop these babies in the freezer (not your baby) and let them get nice & cold. I promise you they'll be a hit. We hold them for Baylor cause otherwise his hands turn into little icicles, but these must feel good on the gums cause he acts like they're filled with bubblegum crack.

And then of course there is always tylenol - the tried and true. Trusty ol tylenol has never failed me.

Good luck, my friends. And brush your teeth, cause your mother endured a lot of long days while you grew those puppies.

ps...stupid part is - these suckers fall out anyways - what a waste!

What are your go-to teething toys or remedies? I'd love to know!

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