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Friday, January 31, 2014

hello to you & yours! hoping your holidays were festive, your new years was romantic and that January brought forth fulfilled resolutions and fresh beginnings!

We have had a whole lot going on, which explains our absence around these parts. We were beyond blessed to welcome a sweet baby girl into our family on January 5, 2014! She came nine days early after a bout of jumping jacks at the park with Baylor. (that's one way to throw your body into labor...because the alternative (se...x) is just SO unappealing at that stage in the game...i mean really? logistically?). anyways.... 

Her name is Bellamy Rue Henderson and she is as sweet as pie. Weighing only 7 lbs (almost 2 pounds lighter than her big brother!), she's just a little peanut. We expected that she'd come out with a head of dark eskimo hair like her mama (the ultrasounds showed lots of hair!), but little did we know, she'd come out a complete blondie! Her big brother Baylor is probably her biggest fan, giving her about 359 kisses a day and saying "BAAAABBBBYYY LELLLLA" all day errry day. He's so tender & gentle with her (with the exception of her eyeballs which have something extremely alluring about them..). Our hearts are bursting with love and what they say is true... your love really does just multiply. It's amazing.

to put it simply ... we feel hugely blessed!


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Elise said...

Welcome back!!!! :0)

Congrats on the beautiful baby girl!


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