Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter was a wild success around here. Baylor was so excited to find his Easter basket and had the peanut butter m&ms in his mouth within seconds of finding the basket. Can't fool this guy. We all got dressed in our Easter Best for church (if you guys ever want to feel incredibly encouraged, check out our pastor, Judah Smith. His podcasts are incredible and he is easily one of the best communicators in our generation). We spent the afternoon with family, doing eastery things like eating ham & hunting for eggs. Baylor could have cared less about the actual egg and popped each one open once found, pulled out the candy, and tossed the egg back to the birds. Meanwhile, my mom hid eggs with money in them and the rest of the grandkids were going nuts trying to find the 'money eggs' (myself included, because $20 bucks buys four lattes, and hello, we all need lattes). In any case, we had a perfect holiday and left with full bellys, hoppy hearts and way too much candy. 

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