25 Days of Christmas

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

i've always been a festive gal, but having little ones around really gets me wiggling in excitement! the holidays with babies is so much more fun, and my motivation to make every day memorable and fun is at the top of the list. We've got three christmas trees, lots of lights & pine branches around the house, christmas music going when football isn't on ;), and have a slew of fun holiday activities on the calendar (we're going to meet the reindeer next week at the local nursery - so excited!).

There are a ton of ideas on pinterest for celebrating the holidays with kids, but my diy skills are mediocre at best, so I tend to skip over a majority of them. One idea I did love, and started this year with the kids was the 25 days of christmas gifts - a series of small little treats to open each day before Christmas morning. Collin Some might argue that it's a bit excessive and takes away the novelty of opening presents on Christmas morning, but my personal opinion is that it makes the whole season special. Not to mention I am just a mom that loves to spoil her babes... so sue me. ;)

What did we do for our 24 gifts? Lots of Christmas books, some fun little party poppers I found at Home Goods (stuffed with little tchotchkes) , ornaments for the kids tree (a pickle, pizza, ice-cream cone -- i sense a theme -- what can I say? My kids are eaters :) and that's really it. It maybe cost me $50 total, but has already been such a fun little tradition with the kids. Before bed each night, we let Baylor choose a gift from the basket, he tears it open in excitement and then we read the book or hang the ornament and revel in the festiveness of the whole shebang. I know, sounds thrilling.  Plus, a few of the books talk about the reason for the season and the story of baby Jesus - giving us an intentional way to talk about the nativity.
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Unknown said...

Love your gift idea! I've debated doing a small little daily one-would be just as fun for me:) Thanks for sharing!

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