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Thursday, January 29, 2015

well...the days around here are chilly (but strangely not as chilly as normal), fairly routine and honestly, more rewarding than ever.

The kids both wake up around 7 am, we dink around upstairs for 30 minutes for so before heading downstairs for breakfast and our morning chores. I do my best to get up around 6:15 before the kids, in order to get in a hot shower and change out of yesterdays sweats (because Lord knows girlfriend doesn't get two days of showering in a row... #amiright?)

Baylor stands at my feet for a solid 15 minutes asking for "DINNER" ... note to self: work on meal time words & meanings... note to self: can't remember notes to self ... I finally conjure up some breakfast. A few of our favorites? Pancakes with peanut butter, oatmeal with toppings like nuts, raisins, and blueberries or yogurt with grape nuts. The kids play for a bit after breakfast and then we all head back up stairs (have I ever mentioned how much I'd love a rambler? because stairs with kids are so overrated). Sis goes down for a morning nap around 9:00 or so and Baylor and I get dressed, do some laundry and watch Kelly & Michael. Yesterday, he asked to go ride his scooter at Kelly & Michaels house and I had a strange sort of suburban mom satisfaction...sort of how I feel when he asks to go to Costco & Starbucks. #i'mdoinmyjob

Once sis wakes up around 10:30 or 11, we head out of the house (because dear GOD, cabin fever is REAL) and we either go to gymnastics open gym, the park, Target or other errands, or meet up with some friends for a little play date! Today, we hit up Fred Meyer and the post office. (putting a spin on things, since it's wednesday, ya know?! ;)

We're typically home by 12:30 or so for a quick lunch. Oh lunch time, how I loathe you. Some days, it's dinner leftovers, other days, it's sandwiches and sometimes, it's an egg crate full of complete randomness, because there isn't enough in the fridge for a complete meal. And of course, those days are always the favs. Baylor calls it a "fun lunch" #superfun

I'm somewhat of a nap nazi as my husband would say, so both kids are down for a nap by 1:30 most days and I head straight to my office and work my face off until I hear a peep upstairs. I don't do housework or anything else during this time, as it's really the only time of my day I'm able to work uninterrupted. Bellamy typically starts stirring between 3 and 3:30 and once she's up, we pick up the house, light a few candles, turn on Ellen or Real Housewives, have a little snack and start thinking about dinner time. I do my best to have the house picked up before Collin rolls in around 5 and once he's home, we have dinner and spend the evening hanging out, taking a walk if the weather permits, and just relaxing! Collin hosts a nightly dance party with the kids, which always proves to be a real treat. Those that know him, know he does not dance like a white boy. it's gold. (i'd love to post a video of said dance parties....lord knows i have hundreds...but i may be subject to blackmail for life if that were to go down. #notsigningupforthat

i know many of you can relate to these days ... they're long, sometimes more challenging than others, full of joy, and by the time you crawl in to bed at night, you forget about the spilled juice (for the 3rd time), you forget about the nap time struggles and instead, you remember how much you love those little people and how loved you truly feel. glory days.

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Colleen Freese said...

Aww, I love this! Your days sound so much like ours ;) Except for the dancing dad part...mine most DEF dances like a white boy. Trust DAT.

Melissa said...

Such a great mom!!!!!

Brittany Sweat Photographer said...

So fun! Your kids are adorable! Do you use your double stroller a lot? We are having two under two in June and I'm trying to decide if it's needed? Thanks 😘

Kendra Henderson said...

Thanks, Brittany! We LOVE our double stroller - it's definitely a must-have in my mind. :)

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