Valentine's Round-Up

Monday, February 9, 2015

There's this strange sort of pressure for Valentine's Day gifts to have some sort love undertone. Chocolates - they should probably be heart shaped and bonus points for red filling #barf. Flowers - pink, red, or nothing, honey! And for the kids? If it isn't pink or 'hearty', don't even bother ;) Really though, it's a double edged sword - this expectation that valentines gifts are themed. On one hand, it really narrows down your choices, on the other hand ... there'a a bit of a hunt involved if you follow the rules. (ok i know their aren't 'rules' per-say, but come on...festive is in my blood).

Here's a few of our favorite, heart shaped, lovey dovey valentines treats for those you love.
First off...Farm Girl Flowers. While these beauties are only delivered in California (on bike or scooter - how cute!), they can serve as some fantastic inspiration. Because did you know that 90% (YES!) of people don't want red roses? Try a fresh and creative mixed bouquet instead ... peonies, ranunculus, cabbage!, and tulips are always winners. 
Rifle Paper always has the most amazing stuff, and this heart print is no exception. Not only is this perfect Valentine's Day decor, but can stay up all year! 
Next up? Llama Llama I Love You - these are my all time favorite kids books - because two llamas in love? #adora 
Now men...they're pretty much impossible to buy for on V-Day. But this leather key chain with a subtle embossed message - the perfect gift for "your bug". 
Freshly Picked Moccs - I've raved about these a billion times, but the neon pink are some of our personal favs and couldn't be a better gift for your little lady. Perfect for the impending spring 
(damn gopher or whatever it is says we have 6 more weeks of winter - so that's only slightly annoying...i swear that's such a publicity stunt...has he ever not seen his shadow?!) 
For your little man, this LOVE YOU nightlight is just the right amount love. Baylor lives & dies by his night lights in his room and would seriously love this light. 
And lastly, for anyone else in your life who deserves a little recognition (the nanas, the aunties, the sitters and the teachers), you really can't go wrong with Starbucks gift cards. Their designs are so cute for valentines and they even have little hearts on their cups right now. I'm not sure about you, but that seals the deal for festive ol' me. 
What's your go-to gifts for Valentine's Days - I need some more ideas!! #crunchtime

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McKenzi said...

Love your picks! I've got 3 girls to shop for and it's not that easy to find practical things that are fun. For my teen I went with a Gap sweater that she's had her eye on in a sweet spring color with an iTunes card and her fav candy in heart shapes. My 2 year old got a magnetic writing table by B.toy from Target because I adore them and the janky one I got her last year for Valentine's day was a bust. Along with a heart plate and some 'Frozen' chocolate covered pretzels because that's where her heart is at. And for the 8 month old, she gets a new taggy blanket (I’m sure there is a heart on it somewhere) in a gawdawful pink and a straw training sippy cup in pink because she's 8 months old and that's what momma got her.

Melissa said...

Llama Llama!!! Obsessed with this series!

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