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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

While I don't have unlimited hours each day to read the thousands of blogs that I really would love to follow, I do have a select few that I follow, read and keep up on. I usually open them before I dive into work in the afternoon, sort of a way to shift my headspace from poopy diapers & tuna sandwiches (yum!) to filling orders, shipping products and just being creative in general. 

Here's who's on my current reading list that I'm currently loving: (these are constantly changing & evolving, so I'll be sure to keep you guys updated when I find a great one to add! I won't tell you if I stop reading one, just in case you've developed an overnight girl crush!) 

1. Life in Grace - Edie is one of those people you just want in your life. She's sweet, spiritual, encouraging and just real. And her style is UNMATCHED. You guys...her house?! I die. I'll live in the guest room & sell all my belongings ... I promise. 

2. Little Baby Garvin - Such a great blog if you're a young mama, or expecting. Jessica is as real as they get, funnier than most and her girls are SO cute. I feel like we're living duplicate lives on opposite sides of the country! We've become internet friends (ha!) and I can assure you, she's just as sweet as she seems. A rare gem! She also has mad pancake skills & chalkboard skills. #winning 

3. Jones Design Company - Emily is a real life friend & her talent is pure and true. Her blog is full of excellent DIY ideas, creative inspiration and beautiful design. A must read! 

4. Rae Ann Kelly - Rae is one of the most genuine & creative people there is. Lucky for me, she's also one of my closest friends. She & her hubs are some of our favorite people on earth, and they have 5 of the most fun kids you'll ever meet. She has SO many great projects for kids and her blog will always brighten your day! 

6. Shull Family - Ok, I have to admit, I found Shay's blog when I was cyber stalking her brother (bachelor fans, where you at!?), but I'm hooked. Her blog is easy to read, always interesting and informative and just a fun peek inside someone else's life. I love her. Also, their story about adoption is SO inspiring - definitely eye-opening.

7. Hey Natalie Jean - Witty, smart, completely down to earth, and funny. All things you love? Yes, me too. Just go read this blog... I promise you'll love Natalie. AND .... she just came out with a book, which I can't WAIT to get my hands on. 

So there it is! I hope you find a few new favs from this list. I'm always looking for new blogs to read, so if you have any that you absolutely love, please share in the comments below!!! 
Happy HUMP day! 

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Molly Martin said...

I love that you posted this blog list, always looking for new blogs to follow! LBG is one of my favorites and I am not even a mom, so cute!

emily said...

Ah, thanks for including me! Love you list. I follow shay on ig and think she's the cutest :)

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