Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's raise a virtual champagne glass (that's about all I can do these days...#tear) and celebrate another baby GIRL! We're pretty excited over here for another baby sister! The girls will be a few months shy of 2 years apart and I expect a lifetime of fighting over clothes, bunkbed sleeping, girl chatting, & a hefty dose of drama...and I'm sure much more that I have no idea about. 

We're keeping her name a secret until she makes herself known around here (november, please hurry!), but until then, I've got matching outfits and nursery ideas running through my mind. We've always wanted a big family and are SO excited to add another little one to the mix. 

I've asked Baylor for name suggestions, and just today, his three choices were: Porcupine, Crow, and Bellamy (great choice, but already taken). While the other two are solid options, I think we will have to pass. #thanksbutnothanks

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natasha {schue love} said...

SO exciting!!! Congrats!!

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