Weekend Update

Monday, February 8, 2016

We've had a long string of work trips, busy weekends and exhausting days, but this weekend was nothing short of perfect. I mean it. 

Collin came home Friday night after a long week of traveling, and despite the fact that the house was a bit chaotic and dinner was not even thinking about being made, it was a perfect homecoming. We had potstickers & orange chicken for dinner (after I talked myself down from three different take-out menus -- but it's easy! it's delicious! it's 5 minutes away!) and I even snuck out of the house for a couple hours to clear my mind - because being alone with three kids all week can really do a number on the ol' brain. Though they are little, they are mighty in every way possible. 

Saturday morning started with a few extra zzz's - something I don't get often, but appreciate SO much when I do. Listen  - I have three kids 3 & under and the amount of sleep I get doesn't even deserve a mention. We're talking 4-5 hours a night. Somehow, I survive (honorable mention: coffee). 

Anyways...we spent the morning at U-Village (a local outdoor mall) and seriously had the best time. Sometimes, the hardest part about three kids is just getting out of the house. Once we're out, it's SO refreshing and sometimes easier than being home (read: make a mess elsewhere). Highlights included Bellamy stealing a bra from Aritzia (that's my girl!) and Baylor opening the pastry case at Starbucks (WHAT!? - Such a great party trick!). The gentlemen in line behind us gave me a nice sympathy look (he may as well have said "wow you have your hands full" like every other asshole in America). I promise, we're super fun. Winnie was the MVP as usual and slept in her stroller until she shit everywhere, which seemed like just the hint we needed to head home, back to our circus tent. :) 

 Sunday: Superbowl, sweats and being an absolute sloth.
Happy Happy Monday! 

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