Easter Weekend

Monday, March 28, 2016

I woke up at 3 am (such an ungodly hour) to feed Winnie this morning and couldn't help but think about what an amazing weekend we had. Mondays don't bother me (some people are SO against them), but I seriously didn't want this weekend to end. Holidays with kids are nothing short of magical and I just can't get enough! Our next big holiday isn't until JULY, so I'm thinking we're going to have to make up a few parties to get us through the next few (rainy) months! 

We spent the majority of the weekend with family, hunting for eggs, eating our fair share of treats (keeping PEEPS in business for another year), and playing with new toys from that handsome Easter bunny (SOB gets all the credit... ahem, I spent a lot of time on Amazon ordering all that shit)

It was Winnie's first Easter and she celebrated by napping in her bunny ears. If I didn't have 10 kids, I would have taken a photo, but you know, priorities (making sure everyone had clothes on & no peeps in their hair). I can assure you it was the cutest thing ever.

Hope your Easter was perfect in every way! May you always remember the incredible debt Jesus paid for us - so that we can live! 

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Tamura Arthun said...

You capture the moments that matter!

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