Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy Hump Day, guys! We're hanging by a thread here for the last few days of summer ... everyone is ready for routine, I'm fall clothes shopping for the kids today, and a little cooler weather sounds like just what the doctor ordered. In the same breath though,  I just can't believe that it's September tomorrow. 

A little bit of what we've been up to: 

We spent a a couple weekends ago in Spokane, and had the road trip from HELL on the way home (more here, in case you missed that...) I love this pic of Collin & the kids. They really truly adore him and he's totally the rockstar parent. I'm super boring compared to "dada!"

Winnie is officially 9 months old, which is totally blowing my mind. She stands up on everything, loves to dance to music and thinks Baylor & Bellamy walk on water. She finally has started giving us kisses which is so so sweet & super slobbery. I sat in her room tonight & rocked her to sleep - something she rarely lets me do without nursing her (friends with benefits I guess...)
I marveled at how quickly she's grown, and took a mental picture of her tiny toes rested on my legs. Being a mom is just the freaking best. 

We've been soaking up the last few weeks of summer with lots of evening walks around the neighborhood. The kids have taken a liking to their scooters and pretty much always look completely hap-hazard in their jammies, Bella with her tutu, and their obnoxious helmets with random shoes. I just ignore all the smirks from those other moms in the hood - what can I say, you can't teach swag, you're born into it. 

Last weekend, Collin and I decided on Friday before bed that we'd rally everyone up early on Saturday and get out of the house. It was the perfect morning and had us planning future Saturday morning adventures the whole way home. We went to Alki beach, looked for sea creatures, pinched lots of little crabs, ate delicious sprinkle donuts & even treated ourselves to hot cocoa/coffee - the weather was perfect for a warm beverages. My love language is and will always be quality time, so my cup had runneth over :) 

The love for donuts runs deep in this family. Hope you're having a fantastic week! You're in the homestretch!! 

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Jena Marcantonio said...

Riding scooters in pjs (and tutus!) are what childhood is all about! These are the days that your kids will remember. You guys keep doing you. You rock, mama!

P.s. These photos are gorgeous! Love keeping up with your sweet fam.:)

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