Friday, February 3, 2017

It's been a solid rotation of sick over here for the last week or so, and after A LOT of gatorade, only venturing out for coffee, a couple runs to the dr, and a steady run of antibiotics, I think we're finally turning the corner. I came out unscathed but seriously woke up every night in sheer anxiety that I was going to get sick. Because Moms & sickness just don't really work. Praise God, I've stayed healthy, and have been able to be a slave for love on my family through all of this! 

BUT ... we made it to Friday, which means it's FAVORITES!

If you haven't tried LUSH, then you're really missing out on all the good & festive things about the bathroom. HA, but seriously. Their bath bombs are full of CONFETTI & GLITTER (!!!) and they smell like heavenly nectar. I mean, the valentines one is full of rose petals and shea butter hearts that just float up in your bath. They're amazing. The only downfall? My kid's baths are running at about $8 a piece now. Chill guys, dirt makes you strong.

My current obsessions this week include the Target Valentine's section (full of all the things we don't need), Diet Coke from Chik-Fil-A (a habit I just can't quit), and my all-time favorite ugg slippers (I wore them to pick up something from my printer this week and wasn't even ashamed. Who am I? 

We launched some Valentine's tops in the shop this week - definitely worth checking out!! Best part is they live far past Valentine's day!

I will share more about this next week, but I have some super cute felt envelopes (Target $1 Spot!) tied to the kid's chairs at the table, and each morning, they wake up and run downstairs to see what cupid left in their envelopes! So far, treats & books! These books are seriously the cutest - the illustrations are beautiful AND they're about love - perfect. They'd be a perfect Valentine's treat for your littles.

And finally, we're working on combining rooms for the kids as we anticipate baby #4 (OMG!), and I've been on the hunt for new bedding for the girls. A few of my favs: this, this & this!

We are celebrating Bellamy's birthday this weekend with all her little friends (better late than never!) and plan on spending Sunday gathered around the island eating THESE. Oh yeah, and watching a football game ;) What are your go-to Super Bowl snacks? I need ideas!

Happy Friday! XO 

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Anonymous said...

how do you edit your instagram pictures? they are so great!

Brittney said...

Girl, that Chick-fil-a Diet Coke is the best! I craved it so much when I was pregnant (and their ice!). I had my husband pick up bags of the ice on the weekends. Ha! The kids look adorable in their Valentine's Day gear.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I would love to know how you edit your photos! So pretty ��

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