Pregnancy UPDATE!

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's hard to believe I'm over halfway done with this pregnancy. I genuinely felt like I counted every week with my other pregnancies and really couldn't have had them pass quickly enough. This one is just so different - it's been the easiest pregnancy ever, I sometimes even forget I'm pregnant?! The first 20 weeks have absolutely dashed by and I have had little to no side effects. I consider myself incredibly lucky for this, considering it's my 4th and a laid-up, sick, pregnant mama is really just not an option at the juncture. We're very excited for another baby, but are in no hurry, whatsoever. We're enjoying everyone's ages, spending this time building up some exciting plans and hoping that things will slow down just a little bit before #4.

I'd do the traditional "bump-date" but my answers would be so lame - I have no idea how much weight I've gained, I have zero cravings and everything else is operating at a strangely normal pace. They say there's always a calm before the storm, so I'm not counting myself out, but so far, I'm feeling pretty grateful for smooth sailing! 

We're not finding out gender this time (we've only found out for Winnie) and are super excited about it, albeit my impatience at times. The convenience of knowing is really wonderful, but the surprise and the excitement of not knowing is too much to pass up. It's definitely not for everyone and we are, by nature, not "planners".  Knowing the gender with Winnie was almost a stressor for me, as I felt I had no excuse not to be 100% prepared. This time around, I'll pack a coming home outfit for each gender and the rest will be figured out as soon as the baby arrives! We're still working on a boy name, but are pretty certain about our girl name. The kids have their guesses, I have mine, Collin is our resident "non-guesser" and we're all just super excited for another addition to the family. Bellamy has prepared seventeen beds for the "second baby" and Baylor is obsessed with my belly. As for Winnie, she's just concerned that she's not going to miss out on a meal, baby or no baby. 

Things are moving quickly and we just can't wait to see that sweet baby face! There will be no shortage of kisses and snuggles, and everyone is pretty pumped for that!

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Anonymous said...

Exciting times! Wanna encourage you too that you can just pack one outfit for the hospital because colors are for everyone :)

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