Disneyland Trip & My Top 5 Tips!

Friday, May 5, 2017

We spent one of our vacation days at Disneyland, and let me just say, it was not for the faint of heart. We've taken the kids to Disneyland every year for 3 years now, and it gets harder yet more exciting every time. Winnie is 18 months and an absolute rodeo. She wants to walk (hell to the no) and is an endless pit for snacks. The kid's favorite rides were It's A Small World, the monorail (eyeroll...), and of course, the Teacups. Our kids are little enough that rides weren't a huge priority so we strolled through a lot of the day taking in sights, watching parades and dodging sunburns :) Collin and I decided we'll skip Disney for the next couple years, with a fourth baby coming and the logistics of taking 4 kids under 5 to Disneyland ... just sounds a bit daunting ;)

1. We brought a change of clothes for the kids & were so glad we did... Disneyland is home to all the sticky things. It was nice to have something to change them into before dinner - they feel fresher and I feel like a respectable mother. ;) 
2. The Disneyland App was a total lifesaver. It's totally worth downloading before you visit - it showed wait times for rides, locations of characters and a schedule of shows & parades. We used it all day
3. Go before they open! We ended up arriving late at Disneyland (my worst nightmare), and waited in line for the trams for a solid 45 minutes ... by the time we actually got into the park, the kids were already hot & irritable. Had we arrived earlier, I'm sure we would've missed some of that headache. 
 4. We packed snacks & lunches for the kids, which was a total lifesaver. We didn't have to wait in line to eat anywhere, we could fill them with something other than total junk, and we could eat on the go, which kept them busy & content! 
5. Toon Town was our favorite - not only because it was age appropriate, but because they have a huge playhouse that the kids can run around in, it's air conditioned, and just seemed less busy than the other areas of the park. The food there was also more accessible & there weren't any lines - we got the kids soft serve cones and sat under an umbrella in the shade for a bit - it was the perfect spot!  
Overall, it was every bit as enchanting as it always is and our kids haven't stopped talking about it since we got home.

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natasha {schue love} said...

We were at Disneyland on Tuesday and agree that the app is a total lifesaver!!

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Disneyland consider as one of the best place in the world for outing, particularly for the kids. There are bundle of rides and jokers also to welcome the kinds. It is more like a dreamland

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