Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I mentioned yesterday in my post that I've done next to nothing to prepare for baby #4, but I have been scouring online for gender neutral nursery inspiration and finally put my own together. We already have a handful of these pieces and I'm excited to start bringing it all together. The dresser &crib we're using are from Bellamy's original nursery, and I plan to swap out the drawer pulls for something less modern and more eclectic. I haven't decided if I'll do any sort of accent on the walls, but for now, the room is painted a really light dusty gray/blue color that shows up pretty neutral. 
I've done a couple other neutral nurseries for the first two kids, and love the challenge. I'll probably bring in a few gender-specific accents once baby arrives (all the neon pink!!), but I plan to keep most of the room as-is.  This sign from Sugarboo is beautiful in person and a perfect piece to transition into the house once the baby outgrows his/her nursery. I plan on rolling up swaddle blankets and quilts in those stackable wooden bins and using the closet & dresser space for the not so pretty essentials. The only thing I haven't nailed down yet is a side table for the chair (we'll re-use Winnie's chair) and some sort of storage for the dresser/changing table to house diapers, wipes and every day essentials that need to be quickly accessed (Lord knows babies don't like to wait!). 

I can't wait to share once we have this space completed - let's just pray it's before the little one arrives and not when they're one :) 


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Anonymous said...

Question? I love the words - Your heart and my heart are very old friends... that is shown in the photo of the gender neutral nursery items. Could you fill me in on what that is about! Is it a sign or wall decal? Is it a DIY? Thanks for the info.!

Anonymous said...

It's a poetry stick from sugarboo

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