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Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Friday! It's Friday AND Donut Day, which probably means the stars aligned and it's going to start raining sprinkles tonight. How could it not? We spent the morning at Home Depot stocking up on flowers, bark & rocks and although my attempt at planting before nap time was somewhat futile (thanks to some hungry toddlers & missing shovels...), I have big plans for Collin when he gets home from work! ;)
A few FRIDAY FAVORITES to round out your week! 

This candle is my new favorite for the summer, but also pairs really well with the Volcano candles that we all know & love if you like a combination. Otherwise, it smells amazing on it's own and is perfectly scented for summer. Also, I found a really delicious grapefruit candle at Trader Joe's this week and *brace yourself* it's only $3.99!!!

I'm finishing up a work-out post for you guys, but in the meantime, if you're tight on time or just clueless on what to do for a workout (we've all been there!), I'm loving FitnessBlender videos! The kids think it's hilarious to participate and it's a really good workout!

My sweet friend (& fellow preggo!) Molly (Beck & Belle) just launched her new bow snap clips and they're a new favorite with the girls!

I mentioned on Insta-Stories awhile back that I was on the hunt for a good maternity one-piece, and I found one at ASOS that fits the bill, but also ordered this (non-maternity) one from Anthro, hoping I could squeeze myself into it. Spoiler alert: I couldn't, but it's too cute to return so I'm praying that it fits when I don't have a belly to cover! Fingers crossed ;) 

Lastly, the kids are all growing like weeds, and one thing I've found as Baylor grows out of toddler sizes (he's in a 6/7 now!) is that matching pjs are much harder to come by. Crewcuts has some adorable ones, and they're on sale right now, so mama is stocking up! (also, these for the girls, because you just can't pass them up!)

We have lots of plans for the weekend, including, but not limited to a DAY DATE tomorrow (my favorite, because I'm toast after 8pm), prepping for our garage sale & lemonade stand next weekend, and doing a few projects around the house! The nursery is coming along and I'm going to see if I can convince Collin to stop in at IKEA on our date, because I've found every excuse in the book to not take all three kids in while 32 weeks pregnant. Here's hoping!

Enjoy your weekend!

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