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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WELCOME! This is pretty exciting. I've put off this whole blogging thing for some time now, but my creative juices are flowing and I need another outlet. :) Let me just do a quick and dirty on me, my fam bam and my little paperie child, Hen & Co.

First off, your's truly. I'm Kendra ... a wife, stay at home momma and I am the owner, designer, bill payer, shipper, accountant and marketer of Hen & Co. (did I miss anything?!) I live in Seattle, WA and spend most of my days playing on the floor with our little junior mint or working in my office in our home (more to come on that later). And now, a shameless "selfie".

Up next, I proudly introduce you to my handsome, hunky, not very handy (this is an important detail later down the line, because there's a lot of DIY projects out there that are great if you live with Ty Pennington, but otherwise, you're sort of screwed), but oh so sweet & loving, husband, Collin! He usually goes by C-Hen, Chenny, or babe ( I know, I know). He's Baylor's favorite human and the greatest husband and dada we could have ever imagined! Now...a treat for all of you LADIES out there!
Last but definitely not least is our pride & joy, our junior mint, our biggest of all the littles...Baylor Boone. Bb was born in June and has changed our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined. We used to think about dinner reservations and Nordstrom sales and now we sing baby jams (there's some good ones out there!) and race straight to the baby section at the Nordstrom sales (some things just don't change...). He's doesn't miss a meal and has the cheeks to prove it. Feast your eyes on this little munchy. 

I know... right? The blue eyes, the cheeks, the smile. I'm obsessed.

Moving right along! Stay tuned for what's next - an introduction to HEN & CO.... which is why we're really here anyways...right? 

If you've made it this far, you must be really dedicated. so Thank you! I promise to not be so long day. 

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