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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ok, so part of why I started this blog is to share my home decorating ideas, show you a few things I've done in our own home and possibly inspire myself to do more (WE NEED CONTENT, PEOPLE!)

I am the kind of person who walks into other peoples houses and am instantly in awe with how they've decorated (not always...but often), all the while composing an immediate list of to-do's in my head of ways to improve our own home. I'm not an idea stealer by any means, but I suppose you could say I'm easily inspired.

NOW...The execution is a whole nother (is that a word? but you know what I mean, right?) story. I have a bajillion ideas swimming around my head (that sounds like sperm, but it's not) but to put them all into place in my own home usually takes much longer than I'd like. I actually like to think about decorating as an on-going project. We have lots of people come over and they always say "Your house is so put together; Can you help me decorate; Oh you've done this so quickly!"...What they don't see is the thousands of trips to Marshalls & Target and the countless hours of online shopping while my husband retreats in the back with a steamy novel (are men allowed to read 50 Shades of Grey? He pleads it's "pop culture"...whatevs). Our house is always changing, being redecorated and we're notorious furniture movers. No dust bunnies here. 

Anyways. I've decided to share some photos of our home each week in hopes that you might be inspired and that I force myself to do more projects (let me clarify...that's not DIY) and decorating in hopes that we can get this place lookin funky fresh. #HELLO. 

The pics below are all of the "formal living room". We're really not that fancy...I promise. This room is actually designated as the dining room, but when we moved in, we decided we wanted an additional living space and so we turned it into just that. We love this room and whenever we have people over, all the ladies end up sitting in here. I'm not super girly in my decorating, but I wanted this room to be a little more frilly and fancy. I love how it turned out. 

We did some maternity pictures in this room and I love them...with the exception of that giant basketball stuck to my waist... 

The room is painted Evening Hush by BEHR. It's dark grey with the slightest hint of blue. 

Our piano was a gift from my grandmother. It used to be a dark brown wood and a few summers ago, we took upon the project of sanding it down & staining it black. Pop on a few knobs from Anthro, and VOILA! It was time consuming, but super easy. 

The 3 art pieces are from Z Gallerie. Sadly, they're sold out. I found these pieces on sale and they quickly became the inspiration of the room. 

Get a good look now, cause we've decided that two years later, we're morphing this room into a dining room. More on that to come soon - an inspiration board, the great table search and lots of fun finds hopefully. The possibilities are ENDLESS! 

Au Revoir! 

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