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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Since we're still getting to know eachother, It seems as though we have a lot of catch up to play. 

Collin and I got married in 2010 and it was pretty dang perfect! 90 something degreees outside, blue skies and white puffy clouds shaped like hearts. wait...what? We got married on Friday the 13th...some of you may say that's a bad omen. RELAX! It was perfect. And if you're not into karma like myself, then I highly suggest it. We got engaged in December and usually, planning an August wedding, we'd run in to a lot of booking issues. Strangely enough (not strangely), everything was open on Friday the 13th, making my life as our wedding planner quite easy! 

Our wedding was at an awesome old warehouse turned wedding venue and we had the most AMAZING experience. SODO PARK by Herban Feast. They did EVERYTHING for us and it was the most relaxing, beautiful day. I couldn't recommend them more highly. 

Collin is quite a little social butterfly so as much as we might have loved a small wedding, this may as well have been the Justin Bieber concert. It felt like everyone and their mother was there. But believe you me — the dance party was AH-Mazing.

All in all, weddings are such a special day and truly personal to each couple. We put a lot of ourselves into our wedding and couldn't have been more thrilled with how it turned out. Now, if you don't mind...let's take a walk down memory lane. 

My dress was a mish mash of sorts. I bought if from David's Bridal and it came with a little beaded belt on it. Beads are SO not my thing, but I loved the fit of this dress and the price couldn't have been more right, so I bought it with full intention to change it. Funny thing is, I didn't even touch it until 2 days before the wedding. ENTER sweating, freaking out and shaky hands while trying to cut apart my wedding dress. NOT smart, but whatevs. I bought a clip on flower from Anthro & a Flower sash belt from JCREW, merged the two together with my terrible sewing skills, sewed them on a champagne silk ribbon and that was that. It turned out better than I could have expected...and really gave my dress a personal touch. 
We decided to go big on our venue, so we had to cut down on a few other aspects. We were a flowerless wedding (not nearly as sad as it sounds) but we made up for it in other ways! I made each of our bouquets with drawer pulls from Anthropologie & the like. I threw some tulle & ribbon in for good measure and voila, a fun little bouquet. We got TONS of compliments on these and each bridesmaid was able to keep her bouquet. It was really fun. 

I would have to say that one of the greatest parts about our venue was that it spoke so much for itself that we really didn't have to decorate. The old exposed beams, chandelier lighting and raw textures were perfect additions to our photos and we were able to keep costs at a minimum because of it. 

We are huge WSU fans so Cougar Gold cheese was a must for appetizers. SO freaking delicious.

One of my biggest fears at a wedding is open seating. It brings me back to recess in Elementary school where you're wondering who's going to pick YOU. I'm all about eliminating the risk, people. We decided to seat all 315 of our guests (oi vey) at assigned tables. I had a bunch of old windows and used paint markers to write out the tables & guests.  It worked out really well.

Thanks to Stacy Jacobsen for the amazing images - she's a GENIUS.  

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Sarah Kyle said...

what a beautiful wedding. I always saw brooke's profile pic of it on facebook and adored her hair. But I am in shock that you're dress is from David's Bridal and you made it look so unique with that sash. Absolutely stunning!

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