Christmas looked good on you, BB.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ok, so I have this intense feeling of relief and cleanliness now that the holidays are over, but not without a bit of a drag in my step. I'm always the first to wake up on the 26th of December and get the cheerful garb the hell out of dodge. the time the 3rd or 4th of January rolls around, I find myself missing it! Some might call it Seasonal Schizophrenia...I just call it hormones or sentiment (depending on the year). 

ANYWAYS....I feel like now that things have slowed down (not really, but we'll pretend), I have a chance to look back & reflect at what an amazing season it was! 

Our christmas card this year!

It was Baylor's first Christmas, which was pretty freakin' exciting. We took lots of pics next to the tree in festive PJs. Probably too many, but what is he gonna do...disown me? Don't they say...don't bite than hand that feeds you? ;)

Christmas with little babes is a bazillion times more fun than I could have imagined! 
Thankful for a blessed holiday season, for a loving God who gave his only son and for two of the most perfect gifts HE has given me, my boys! 

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