the story of a young casanova

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First off, for those of you who watch the Bachelor...can I just get an AfreakinMEN that Tierrable is GONE. Cheers to no more heinous eyebrows. Moving right along ...  

One of my BFF's (yep, here we go again) got married last year to a Mr. Casanova, making her Mrs. Casanova. (You're probably wondering where the heck this is going...bare with me) How legit would it be to be  Mrs. Casanova?  Romance, luxury, love, mystery. Right? Whatevs. I wonder if the lady at the bank thinks she's married to a fierce spanish speaking casanova? Funny thing is, it's true! He's quite a charmer, that Nick.

ANYWAYS. Somehow, this post about my baby's valentines became about a hustling casanova. Ok, back to our agenda.

BAYLOR is what I'd like to call a young casanova. He is the only boy among heaps of little baby ladies. We had SO many friends give birth to baby girls last year and Baylor was the lone gent. SO, in honor of his manly baby status and the fact that he has lots of little girlfriends, Valentine's cards seemed like the perfect idea. Not to mention, we're trying to bring chivalry back around here (not sexy, chivalry, JUSTIN). Side note: How good was JT's performance at the Grammy's? I was about to go all home wrecker on Jessica Biel and make him mine! 

Baylor and I worked very hard on this little project and thanks to his teething, he had lots of extra drool to seal the envelopes nice & tight. Makin' lemonade out of lemons around here, people.

FIRST, we had to come up with a photo concept, so we made a charming little onesie.

Getting a photo of him in the onesie where he wasn't lunging forward for a piece of fuzz on the floor was likely the biggest challenge of them all. Even greater than preventing him from eating everyone's valentines.

Once we got the [not so] perfect photo, I pulled together a little somethin' and VOILA, we had valentines!

Off to all the little ladies they go! (And the Nanas, Gammys & Aunties!)

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Sarah Kyle said...

you're such a talented mama! I adore the bicycle onesie I was gifted from your shop, seriously got mad compliments. But this valentine's onesie is ADORABLE! And your penmanship, ugh, so fab.

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