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Monday, February 11, 2013

We're a mere 3 days away from Valentine's Day ... that's SO not as exciting as 3 days from Christmas. What a rip. BUT, celebrating love is still important and I suppose we can roll with it. 

We'll be spending our V-Day with two of our BFFs (yep, you can still have BFFs in adult life, not just middle school) on the beach in Cali ... romantic, right? ;) I envision it going a little something like this: Baylor sleeping soundly in the pack & play inside, the four of us in the hot tub drinking wine, eating some snacks (because snacks are a vital asset to any good time), and telling hilarious jokes, because really, who can resist a good joke. Right? 

The chances of that happening exactly as described are slim to none, but i'm a dreamer, baby! 

Anywho, we'll be leaving our humble home behind as we embark on our vaca, and she's a bit sad, as we've decorated her for VDay and she'll have to spend the evening alone, in the dark & cold. Let's be honest, she's in good company...Raise your hand if you're spending Valentine's Day alone! Yep, thought so. no shame in your game. 

Here's a few little updates around the ol' homestead to heat things up in this season of  l o v e (say that in a man's voice, preferably Matthew McConoaughey)

 A little felt garland for a sprinkle of pink. These are super easy to make! 

Pillows are a simple way to add color to any room, and especially great for when you can only handle pink for a short time! 

I love you the most card, by HEN & CO.

I had to come up with a quick gift and decided to give these napkins a little spruce with a heart. I may add some of these to my Etsy shop, they turned out so cute! 

Always have to updated the chalkboard for the seasons ... easy, erasable and quick! 

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