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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I truly do feel like one of the luckiest people alive. Sometimes, when I'm having a sentimental moment (yep, us mean girls have them too), I reflect on my life and am in awe of all of my blessings. (Hence this print).  Really though, we have been SO blessed in our lives - I'm able to raise our baby boy from home and maintain a small business on the side, C-Hen has an amazing job which he loves and is perfect for our family's lifestyle and we have a son who is incredibly healthy, happy and enjoyable. We are blessed to know and live by Jesus and his calling on our lives and our biggest blessing, of course, is his continuos grace over us. All of this to say...if you're feeling down and out, take 5 minutes to reflect on the blessings upon your life and I can almost promise you you'll snap right out of it.

In the spirit of blessings, luck and all things Irish (St. Patty's Day is only 3 days away!), you can download this 5x7 print for your fridge, your mirror, your car or anywhere you might need a little reminder at how l u c k y we are. Mine is taped to the chalk board and will be until further notice.
// just click on the image & it will take you to the downloadable file // 

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The Horne's said...

This is beautiful. Yes we are so blessed to have healthy babies, great hubbies, and good lives.

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