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Friday, April 5, 2013

we are DESPERATE over here. I've decided that I hate the living room (overnight) and have taken everything off the walls. Now, not only does it look totally depressing, but I can't relax in there because it looks like a hot mess. So, needless to say, I've been scouring pinterest for ideas - and I'm at a complete loss. If you were to ask Collin about this (I don't recommend it) - he'd roll his eyes, tell you this is the story of his life and make a comment about how indecisive and crazy I am (yet, he still proclaims his love for me day in and day out, making nightly toasts to me at dinner - how did I get SO lucky!). 
Here's the deal - we have a fireplace with a built in nook for the TV (how annoying) and it's settled in the corner of the room, cutting off what seems like half of the space. (I realize these are first world problems, but just roll with me here...) So, not only does that pose an issue with furniture arranging, but also, what the heck do I put on this huge empty wall. We have a large chest there right now (one of our favorite pieces), but I don't think it fits the space very well. We can't move it all the much because there's a giant hole in the wall behind it where we have the TV wired (I guess it's the price you pay to have hidden cords - spare me...i know).

Anyways - I'm stuck, tired of looking at this mess and in desperate need of ideas. Here's a few things I've found around the web that catch my eye...

I'll be posting pics of the current state so you guys can see my dilemma ... HALP!


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