Baylor's Vintage Athletics Bedroom

Monday, May 9, 2016

Why does Monday come every week, and it's still such a problem. We're resting up today, after a very busy weekend celebrating moms, nanas, graduations and everything else in between. 

I'm finally getting around to sharing Baylor's room - it's been a labor of love and a bit of a work in progress since we've moved in. You see, I'm a furniture mover and I just couldn't find the balance that I loved in his room. So once Winnie was born, we switched his dresser into her room and moved an awesome console table into his room. From there, I felt like I could jump in & finish things up. 

Baylor loves two things the most: sports & trucks. I tried to reflect that in his bedroom, without feeling too "theme-y" 
(He also loves food, but that's for the kitchen, not the bedroom ;)

All of these baseball bats were Collin's from when he played in college. We've had them in the garage for years and I was dying to put them on display somehow. I used garden tool u-hooks like these and just peeled the plastic off with a utility knife. The screwed right in the wall and were the perfect size to hold a baseball bat. Super easy! 

My sister painted this amazing measuring stick for Baylor on his first birthday. 

Collin is about as modest as they come, but I had to display his football helmet from the Rosebowl as well as a couple of his college footballs on the shelves in B's room - have to know your roots! 
Also, we live & die by garbage trucks around here :)

Notice the disaster in the hallway ... :) #sacrifices for a clean room

My dad passed away a few months before Baylor was born, but this metal dog statue always sat in his office and is a sweet little reminder. Baylor is his clone, which I love for many reasons. :)

The kids' great-grandmother buys these as each one is born, with their name & birthdate engraved. They're so special and always on display. 

baseball scoreboard // red pillow // wall color // "B" - Home Goods // mesh baskets

Let me know if you have any questions!! xo 

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natasha {schue love} said...

Love his room! Looks like something he can definitely grow's masculine yet still playful. :)

Kendra Henderson said...

:) thank you sweet friend!!

Steve Berke said...

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