11 MO. OLD

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can't even believe Baylor is 11 months today - next time it's the 22nd, we'll have a ONE YEAR OLD. Lord, save my soul!

Baylor's recent hobbies: napping like a cat // collecting trash (perhaps we've got a future garbageman on our hands?) // speed crawling // climbing stairs (he loves the thrill of the chase), and eating anything and everything (it's especially desirable if we're eating it).

To celebrate the occasion, we were in Portland yesterday and decided to indulge Baylor in his first Starbucks hot chocolate! DIVINE, but of course! (he was more interested in the napkins & straw wrappers).
Happy Hump Day!  If you're feeling like you need to cure the Wednesday blues (they exist), go surf my pinterest boards.  *wink

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