Monday, May 20, 2013

I first discovered Peek at Nordstrom Rack before we knew Baylor was a boy. They have amazing gender neutral basics and I was sold from the beginning. They're pieces are legitimately soft and really great quality, not to mention they're understated and range in the most beautiful colors.

I love finding clothes here for Baylor - their store is SO cute, lots of cute gifts, clothes and little trinkets. Don't even ask me about their girl clothes - I could die!

Here's a few of our favorite picks! Look for Peek next time you're at the Rack, Nordstrom, or at their very own shop!

ps ... these little grey sweat pants are my summer go-to and they call for instant HAMMA TIME!

Have a happy Monday! We're off for a little overnight in Portland (with BB, of course). Can't wait to eat delicious food (salt & straw, anyone?), shop tax-free, and sleep in plush hotel sheets. 

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rae said...

so adorable! love hearing about new places to shop! and the mocs are only $22! xo

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