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Monday, May 6, 2013

Well the weather here is hitting record highs and everyone is either complaining already (give me a break, people) or running around naked. The shirt burglar is in FULL effect and believeyoume, that's not always a good thing. As for us, we've put this weather to good use with lots of gardening, house projects and outdoor decorating (because who said you should just decorate inside the house?)

Last year, we had a teeny tiny infant on our hands and yard work was the least of our priorities. Why plant flowers when you can sit inside and stare at a baby all day long. SO our front yard was looking very sad, dark and overgrown. Such an embarrassment looking back, but all my better judgement flew out the window back in those days (who am I kidding, I never had better judgement). This year, we took it by the horns and are back in full force. Starting with serious front porch sittin' and decoratin' #AMURICA

HEN HOUSE - Target // Flower Pots - Ikea & Home Depot // Chairs & Table - Marshalls // Pillows -  Threshold at Target // Key Outdoor Mat - Threshold at Target

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