Saturday, September 7, 2013

It goes without saying that I'm super pumped for fall. I've worked up a couple new onesie designs to celebrate the season! Here's a few - go check out the rest in the etsy shop.

PS. keep an eye out for some new fall prints as well!

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Dionna Mash said...

hi there! Just stumbled across your blog (and etsy shop) and LOVE it. Christie from Going Lovely is my wedding planner and awhile back she referred me to your shop when I was figuring out invitations. Anyhow, loving all your posts!

Jess T said...

Hey! Just wanted to take a sec to say "hi!" I found you through Jessica Garvin's blog! I've worked with her too and she is just the sweetest! Your shop is amazing....I'm about to purchase one of your halloween onesies! I would love to team up with you sometime for a giveaway or something fun. One of my leather bows + your shirts = cuteness overload! Here's my shop link:

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