It's finally October!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!! I have lots of fun posts planned for the month, but first I thought I'd just peek in to say hello!
I've been super busy in the shop filling lots of orders and getting ready for CHRISTMAS card season - not sure if you're nearly as excited as I am for that ... but first ... a little bit of our lately ...

Baylor is 15 months and growing like an absolute weed. Every age so far has been SO much fun. He's talking, repeat lots of words (my personal favorite being HIIII-YA!), officially RUNNING (clearly didn't get that from his mama - the only time you'll see me run is if something is chasing me), loves to dance, and more than anything, he is obsessed with food. I swear to you - this child can't get it fast enough. All 28 lbs of his sassy little bod are filled out and I absolutely love it.

I'll be back tomorrow with his amazing one year photos (that are actually his 14 month photos because I clearly don't have my act together...).

We found an awesome new trail in our new neighborhood and Baylor thinks it's pretty cool that he doesn't have to ride in the stroller.'s freaking gorgeous up here. 

We celebrated a big win (read: shutout!) for the Cougs last weekend and Baylor thoroughly enjoyed all that Pullman had to offer. 

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