cheese for the win

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

let's talk cheese for just a quick sec. k?
I don't claim to be a food blogger in the slightest (my foods of choice are usually cool ranch doritos, oreo milkshakes, and chipotle burritos)BUT I make a kick-ass appetizer tray, if I do say so myself. This little ditty has evolved over time and it's one of my favorite go-to apps, lunches or single lady dinners (for those nights when your husband is away on business and you have a date with the housewives of beverly hills - yolanda is my GIRL!) Add a bottle of wine and you're well on your way to DIVA status. I try to keep it sorta simple, make it pretty (because who doesn't like to eat food that looks good - we are visual creatures!), and variety is key. My go-to ingredients are as follows: fresh honey crisp apples (best when sliced thin - perfect for stacking), hummus, pita chips or something in the cracker family, a sliced french baguette, smoked almonds, delicious rutherford blue cheese (my fav. combo is baguette smeared with blue cheese & an apple crisp on top), a classic or white cheddar, grapes, salami or prosciutto and a wedge of brie. You guys - the combos you can come up with are endless.I'm a 'perfect bite' eater, so this is like a dream for me.Perfect paired with sparkling water, italian sodas, or a glass of red wine (not recommended for the lunch time setting, but do yo thang girl - I'm not hatin!) We serve ours on a wooden cutting board, but I've also done a larger spread on one of these paper placemats (one of my kitchen staples). Good luck & do you, boo boo. 

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