Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Having two little peanuts (Baylor is 21 months, Bellamy is almost 3 months)  around the house fills the days with trucks, naps, nursing sessions, snacks (affectionally called NAKS by the aficionado, Baylor) and walks to the park (in which I could go with my eyes closed, as I've done it so many times...). We have our go-to items that we never leave without, and most of which have frequent dates with the washing machine, because...KIDS.

Baylor's favorite thing for real is TUCKS (trucks), but I managed to come up with a few of my favorite things for him at this age. And Bellamy, well, her favorite thing is milk, but I'll save you all the visual. These are just a few things that make our days a little smoother and our outfits a little cuter.
1. HUNTER BOOTS: because we live in Washington, where the rain hangs around like the smell of mexican food. yuck. (don't get me wrong, mexican food is my fav, but I loathe the smell of your clothes when you leave the restaurant!) yes - rain boots FTW.
2. DREAM ELEPHANT LEGGINGS: these are perfect for bigs & littles alike and they're SUPA SOFT- and for $14.00 - can't go wrong my friends.
3. MELISSA & DOUG BUS: Baylor plays with this bus allll the time. He loves the little people that come inside it and pushes it all over the house. Plus, it doesn't look like plastic threw up in your living room. 
4. AIDEN & ANAIS DREAM BLANKET: the softest, most plush blankie of all time - B&B both have one and they're nothing short of amazing. Baylor has rubbed the heck out of the tags on his (affectionally called his BUTTS -- who is this kid?)
5. 4 MOMS MAMAROO: pretty much the extra set of hands you always need without the extra person hanging around, because I'm totes anti-social. 
6. SLEEP SHEEP: let me sum up this little guy - strap on noise machine - need I say more? Hooks on to the carseat, the crib, the little brother, you get it. 
7. ZUTANO BOOTIES : these are the perfect boots for baby feet - cozy & they stay on without a problem! 
8. PEEK HOODIE : Because a little baby girl in a hoodie is all the cuteness you could ever need. 

Not pictured: Mom's makeup drawer, toilet paper, the car keys & Dad's computer. 
SO...what are some of your favs?

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Kristen said...

You have such a cute blog and a beautiful family! I've been hunting for a new comforter and spotted your super cute one. Can you tell me where you snagged that one?! Thanks!

Kendra Henderson said...

Thank you! It's from West Elm :)

Kristen said...

Is it the one shown in the home sweet home post? That's the one I was looking at and can't seem to find it at west elm. But maybe they aren't carrying it anymore. Thanks though!

Kendra Henderson said...

:) That one is from Dwell Studio: http://tinyurl.com/m9mkl9l

Kristen said...

Ah ok, thanks so much! Found it :)

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