WHAT TO BUY: Sibling Gifts

Thursday, July 10, 2014

When we brought Bellamy home from the hospital (please tell me time is pulling a prank on me and it hasn't really been 6 months already!?), I was so excited to share her with Baylor. I had complete tunnel vision and my only priority was that he was happy, excited and ready to embrace her. I wanted him to feel loved in every way possible and to understand that our love for each other just grew as we welcomed a new member to our family. He probably was like "mom, you're a hormonal lunatic, just  relax and give me that truck!" In any case, I made sure "Bellamy" brought him a present home from the hospital and let him take her in however he wanted ... lucky for us, it was with lots of kisses and some not so gentle, but good intentioned head rubbing. Along the way, we've gotten a few things that were really fun, so I thought I'd share some ideas with you guys if you're getting ready to make this transition.

1. SNUGGLE THE BABY: Baylor just got this for a birthday gift (from the sweetest Melissa at Pretty Wednesday) and it's seriously my new favorite book. The most AMAZING illustrations combined with the perfect interactive elements come together in this book and the results are so good. You can put the baby in the swaddle, tuck it in, and play "how big!". SO fun and so pretty, too! 

2. SIBLING ONESIE & TEE: Because what parent doesn't want this photo. And your toddler will feel pretty kick ass in a big brother/sister tee. The pride at that age is not something to be taken lightly. RESPECT, MAMA! 

3. DOLL BABY: Okay, so these blabla dolls are pretty dang cute, but seriously, any doll will do. We bought B a doll (the ugliest doll you've ever seen, from IKEA. Really, only one a mother could love) before sissy came along and he LOVED playing with it (aside from the few times he chucked the baby down the stairs ... great for talking points, not great for the fate of baby sister). Baylor still plays with his doll and pretends to feed her, puts her in the jumparoo and rocks her all the time. #realmenlovebabies

4. PHOTO OF THEM TOGETHER: Baylor really enjoys looking at photos, so we framed a photo of him & Bellamy after we got her newborn pics taken. He loves looking at the picture and saying her name. It's a fun little decoration for his room and something that's so special to him!! 

I never imagined how much I could love watching my babies together - I love that they have each other and watching their friendship grow is such a gift! 

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Melissa said...

Yay!!!!! I am so glad that this book is a hit! I have one stocked up for each of my friends expecting #2 (shhhhhh!)

Patricia DeVoe said...

Love the idea of framing a picture for his room. I might have to do that!

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