random thoughts in august.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

well...my current state these days is what I affectionately like to call "controlled chaos".  We have a billion things going on every day and summer time has felt particularly crazy this year. As Baylor gets older and playdates start really meaning something, there seems to be very little down time to just hang at home. Add to that a new house, lots of decorating, and a bouncy 7 month old who just learned to crawl (stop growing, thankyouverymuch) and we've got a hefty dose of CHAOS around hurr. A few random thoughts for you since I think my mind is like an internet browser with 37 tabs open at all times.... (ps...how much do you love tags, because they're one of my favorite things ever) 

1. Zara has some ridiculously cute clothes online right now. I just bought the kids these little leggings for fall and I can't WAIT to pair them up with our halloween onesies!!

2. Potty training is daunting. I've been gearing to potty train BB for weeks now and haven't mustered up the courage to jump in yet. I'm typically a pretty "go for it" mom, but man, this one gives me reason for pause. Any tips you mamas want to share are welcome!

3. Bellamy is crawling. Who stole my newborn and gave me a real baby? She's officially 7 months and I feel like I've been placed in a time warp. But... it's pretty fun to see her on the move and Baylor is about to have a little taste of reality when sis can go after his toys. :)

4. We are in the middle of decorating our new house, and holy cow... it's expensive, so fun! ;) I've taken it room by room and finally feel like we're getting close. I can't wait to share some pics ... here's a little teaser for you!

5. The weather in Seattle this summer has been insanely warm and uncharacteristically dry. We have spent lots of days in the pool with "pockles" (baylor's version of popsicles) and while I'm going to miss it terribly come September, I'm getting ready for pumpkins, sweaters, candles, and fall festivities abundant. How spot on are these fall looks? CAN NOT WAIT.

Here's to hoping that your August is off to a stellar start! 

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