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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One of my favorite things in life are 'hidden gems'. Finding the unexpected wherever we go and feeling like you're in on a little secret that nobody else is ... until now! Alright, I'm making it sound way more exclusive than it probably is, BUT that's beside the point. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite unexpected finds at your most basic places.

1. life factory wine glasses // this company is most well known for their adorable baby bottles, but when things get a little cray cray, silicone encased wine glasses are everything. Not to mention, they blend right in with the kids bottles so mommy can disguise that lunch time glass of wine. ;) kidding....obvi.  These are my go-to christmas gifts this year. 2. rh baby blanket // restoration hardware is one of my favorites for furniture & house decor, but their baby blankets are unreal. This blanket was our favorite for both kids and is a great gift for a gender neutral baby shower. The quality is amazing (I wouldn't have expected anything else) and the colors & fabric are so cozy. 3. ikea baby towel // we had a date night last weekend and stopped by Ikea before dinner for a few random things. I stocked up on these $7.99 (WHAT?!) bath towels, because, simply put, they're amazing. Way way bigger than pottery barn towels, hold up excellent and the colors & pattern is the least bit offensive. Ikea has a handful of random products that are better than gold, but these babies are at the top of my list. under $8 bucks? #yagottabekiddinme4. modern house wines via target // cute bottle, good glass of red wine & excellent gift for excellent price. done & done. and at target? pick it up on your weekly grocery/random whoknowswhat run. because we all have a list of 3 things at target that we need and leave with a cart full of whothehellknows & didireallyneedthis & ihavetohaveonemorehalloweendecoration
5. trader joes tea tree tingle body wash // i discovered this on a quick grocery run awhile back and was pleasantly surprised. if you like Aveda products, this is actually pretty similar, cruelty free, organic & smells divine. my staples at TJ's are typically of the grocery assortment (and the frozen chocolate croissants & 'go bananas'), but add tea tree tingle s & c and body wash to the list! 

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