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Friday, November 21, 2014

ok honestly... what the hell do you eat the night before Thanksgiving? We're hosting all the fam this year for the night before, and besides the obvious (avoid turkey, be sure there is plenty of wine & liquor), I'm stumped on what to make. Part of me wants to take it all the way to cinco de mayo and do a mexican fiesta, complete with a taco bar, margariiiitas, and queso (ohhh quessoo, how i love thee). But there's then the part of me that says that's just too summery and get the freakin crockpot out - let's eat SOUP.  Now I do realize, that the night before is really not about the food, in fact, it's about everything but the food. We're supposed to be gearing up for the super bowl of dinners, so let's not get protein & carb heavy here, yes? Well no. Because Pizza. Pizza always wins, every day, every year, always & forever. So...I've decided to take the easy route my friends. We're having pizza, but kicking it up a notch with some kick-ass salads.
cobb salad via 

the kids and I have been gearing up for the holidays, because starting next week, it gets absolutely crazy around here! lots of family in town and the official beginning of the holiday season. I like to start after Halloween, but I know that some don't share the same taste. We have one christmas tree up & will be working on the rest this weekend! Have a festive weekend!

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