Bellamy Rue is ONE!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Life has this insanely crazy way of flying by so damn fast ... faster than what you expect, faster than each day feels minute to minute, and really, faster than you want it to. Even saying this out loud gives me little goosies all over my arms, but our Bellamy Rue is ONE today! To think that one year ago today, we first laid eyes on our baby girl is unbelievable. It's been a jam-packed year, full of moving, growing businesses, toddler shenanigans and plenty of other stories to fill in the gaps, but hands down, the best way to kick off our 2014 was welcoming our little peanut! She's as sweet as candy, and I mean seriously sweet. She melts your heart in seconds. But what's a well rounded lady if she doesn't have a little spice to her? She has a mild two teeth (doesn't stop her from loving food), barely any hair to speak of (and what she does have is super Elsa blonde...) and the bluest eyes you'll ever see, a trait lovingly passed down by her favorite ever, her Dada. Baylor is completely in love with her and thrilled to see her each morning when she wakes up (as is she with him). Let me tell you this - if you have never watched your own two children fall in love, you have a real gift in store for you. Before we had Bellamy, I expected that Baylor would love her and think she was cute...ect... but never could I have imagined the love that he had for her and the friendship that they would create together. If you think your heart explodes when you have a baby, just wait until your first baby kisses your second baby. #dead Collin and I feel incredibly blessed to have two healthy babies and know that each day goes by, just as time does, so we are soaking up the seconds around here, loving on our little ones and feeling pretty thankful for the gifts God has given us! Happy 1st Birthday, Bellamy Rue! We LOVE you!

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mirari said...

happy, happy birthday to sweet bellamy!

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