Sunriver 2014

Thursday, January 8, 2015

For the first time in many years, we headed out of town after Christmas. We typically stay home, organize our house, find places for all of our new things and clean out the old, unused business around the house (sounds really fun, right?). And then new years? Well, it's typically just a crapshoot of randomness. So ... needless to say, blowing this pop stand was a way better idea. :)

We headed to Sunriver Resort in Oregon for 5 nights with some great friends and had an amazing time. The drive is a whopping 6 hours and the kids were absolute rock stars - many thanks to Daniel Tiger, Caillou, Dum Dum Pops, and white noise. Honorable mention: snacks. We practically ate our way through the state. Day one was an absolute blizzard, which was beyond gorgeous. We got somewhere around 10" of snow in just one day. The rest of the week was colder than cold, but blue sky gorgeous and perfect weather for playing in the snow (if you've never ice skated in -6 degrees, i can assure you, it's as cold as it sounds).

we took Baylor iceskating one night - a total comedy show. I practically had to drag him around the rink by his armpits. Consellation prize!  

best day EVER! 

if you've never hot-tubbed in the snow, it's as glorious as it sounds...once you're in. the pre-hot tub is somewhere similar to streaking in the snow. 

snow bunny! :)

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