Weekend Update

Monday, March 16, 2015

First off, we never got to discuss the Bachelor that finished last week, wrapping up an epic series rich with awkward make-out sessions and really bad outfits. Whitney's finale dress? I'm sorry, is this the prom? and that hair?! It all hurt my eyes in ways I can't explain. I will always love Kaitlin. she's my GIRL. 

Now on to reality ... (there's make-outs over here, but nothing awkward about it, HONNNAY!)

First stop this weekend was a kid-free trip to Anthropologie on Friday, thanks to Nana! This was much needed for my sanity and I found quite a few gems along the way. Before I left the mall, I treated myself (not weird) to a warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk. Dominating. #fistpump

We spent our weekend hunkered inside, because this rain is no joke. My in-laws brought donuts & Starbucks over on Saturday morning, which was pretty much the ideal way to wake up. Breakfast...check! Coffee...check! Someone to entertain my littles so I can sit under a blanket and enjoy my latte...check! I worked Saturday afternoon while Collin played basketball with his boys (a regular occurrence around here ... naptime = gym time for him) I personally loathe working out. So for me, nap time = work time and stuff my face with cool ranch doritos so I don't have to share them with my kids. (I know, they're terrible for me, but old habits die hard. #treatyoself) Make sure to brush your teeth after said habits, as sweaty, muscular husband may come home from the gym and give you the side eye, knowing that you've been downing doritos like it's your job, while he's been getting right on the court. 

We went on a "date" on Saturday night, which is always a treat. My love language (have you read this book? changed our marriage - SO great!) is quality time, so date nights are so important to me. We don't typically go big, as we're not foodies and we're pretty low maintence. We did pedicures and dinner and then hit up Target for a few provisions. Target without kids is a luxury. It's also a luxury without husbands, but mine happens to enjoy shopping and is as patient as the come, so it's generally pretty lovely. 

Sunday morning, we stayed in our jammies until lunch time, the littles took their naps and we headed over to some friends for dinner. They just opened a Chipotle in our hood, which pretty much made my life. So we did Chipotle take out for dinner (because feeding 7 kids is no joke). The kids ate in a fort we built in the kitchen and Baylor snuck black beans off everyone's plate. #humanvaccuum  If you haven't checked out my friend Rae's blog, you must do so. She's pretty special and has the cutest ideas

So that's that. Relatively slow around here, just how I like it this time of year. How was your weekend? 

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Krissy said...

Fun! What's the title of this book? Very interested!! Looks like a great weekend!

Kendra Henderson said...

Krissy! Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Love-Languages-Secret-Lasts/dp/080241270X

It's so great.

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