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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm starting a new series around here with some of my favorite finds for house goods - not sure if it will be bi-weekly or monthly, but I scour the interwebs quite a bit throughout the day and come across some pretty fun stuff that I think you should probably know about. Who knows, maybe you're looking to find that perfect piece for that hall wall (hey, dr suess!), or you have a lonely couch that needs a few handsome pillows. Look no further!

1. This basket from Crate & Barrel is our go-to solution for every nook & cranny. It's under $40 and looks so chic holding books, blankets, chip bags for a bbq, or board games for the big kids! 

2. I just bought this and couldn't be MORE excited. I saw this blanket in the Land of Nod catalog and had to have it, despite the fact that my kids already have bedding. It's the perfect combo of neon and neutral. Once I unrolled this puppy, I couldn't believe the size. It's a full blanket, perfect draped on the back of the sofa or rolled up in above basket. Such a great addition for spring. 

3. Juliet Grace Designs has unbelievable art prints in a variety of sizes - these are beautiful in person. We have one hanging in our bedroom and I'm obsessed with her calligraphy. 

4. Have you ever walked in to an Anthro store and fallen in love with the smell? Me too. So I light these Volcano Candles in my house all day every day and always have extras on hand for gifts. I promise you won't find a better candle - this is our "signature scent" around here ;) 

5.I just installed these hooks in our hallway (me and my trusty electric drill, deedee) - they combine form and function just perfectly and stripes are never a bad idea.  

6.  A seasonal scent is also a must-have and this is my perfect spring candle. It smells really fresh combined with the Volcano candles and is an instant crowd pleaser for guests.

These are all fairly simple additions that add just a touch of charm. Nothing is instant, but little by little, your house starts to feel like a home and man, that is a great feeling. 

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bnicolesal said...

Love this new post idea! Such cute stuff!

melissa said...

Love everything!!!!! Now come decorate my house ;)

Molly Martin said...

I love everything Anthropologie! I always have that candle burning in my home and recently purchased that hook as well to hang my apron on. Love this series!

Colleen Freese said...

Volcano candles are our JAM!

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