Thursday, April 2, 2015

This week's HOUSE to HOME has a bit of a spring flair, because I just can't help it with all this beautiful weather we've been having. The intention of these posts is to show you great house finds around the internet that can quickly and affordably warm up your space and transform it from a house to a home. 

1. First up... this striped runner from H&M. Did you even know that H&M had a home section? Well they do, online, and it's nothing short of amazing. The prices are really good, and the style is on point. (or fleek or whatevs the kids are saying these days.) That citron yellow is just the right amount of color. #cometomama 

2. Another star from H& -- this wooden box. What do I do with this, you ask? Perfect for plants, for remote controls on the coffee table, for bowls in the kitchen with a jar full of vintage spoons, a mail box in the kitchen .... and I could go on and on. We all need boxes & baskets in our life - their uses are limitless. Also, I love the rustic charm of this one. 

3. I've always been such a huge fan of Max Wanger's work and I was SO excited to come across his prints at Urban Outfitters, of all places! This is a 20x20 print for a super reasonable price and brings the perfect amount of airiness and interest to a room. Seriously a fav and I may consider designing a room around this piece alone. 

4. Disclaimer: this one is a splurge. This TOY basket has been in my RH Shopping Cart (because don't you guys fill shopping carts online, without checking out all the time?) for what seems like EVER because I love it so much. I saw it on someone's instagram feed last week and couldn't believe how huge it actually is in person...all the more reason I really want it. Still working on the justification, but dear Lord, I love it. You could probably pull this one off as a DIY with a plain metal basket & liner, but as I've said before ... DIY is just not my thing. I'd rather shell out the cash. 

5. Another week, another candle - the Tocca STELLA candle. We have a slight obsession around here. This one has been a long time favorite and is such a perfect scent. Sweet, blood orange. Yum. These make amazing gifts, too.

6.  These floral bowls from World Market are such a fun addition to your kitchen. Cute enough that they could live on a tray on the counter, or in glass shelves, but functional enough for berries & whip cream. DONE & DONE. 

Hope you guys are enjoying this series - it's quickly becoming my favorite. What would you like to see more of or less of on these posts? Any favorites of your own? 

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melissa said... I just purchased two rugs from H&M. GREAT. ;)

Kristen said...

Love these posts!! Such fun ideas. A big fan of your blog!! Keep it up!!

Patricia D said...

I like these posts because I am in the middle of some decorating in my house. Keep them coming!

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