Easter Backpacks

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just as expected, dying eggs with five toddlers was cray. It was less about making beautiful colors and more about preventing egg dye on every surface in the vicinity. BUT...it was festive and the kids loved it..so #winning. 

I wanted to share our Easter "baskets" with you guys before the big day! I had my mind made up some time ago that I was going to do backpacks for the kids this year instead of baskets. Here's the deal... we're kind of past the "diaper bag" phase, but the kids still need so many random things with them throughout the day (especially if we're going somewhere productive, i.e. the zoo, the museum, or out to the lake/park (all you locals... we LOVE Greenlake!) SO... instead of me lugging everything around in a Mary Poppins bag, I figured we should divide and conquer. Plus, the kids are at the "even steven" stage, where everything they do & get has to be the same or else it's recipe for theft and jealousy and maybe even some tears on sister's part (girlfriend loves herself some DRAMA). So I'm hoping my strategy pays off - everyone gets the same snacks, drinks, toys & treats in their bag and we should all just be happy campers. I did some legit backpack research ;) and settled on these ones from Herschel! They came in the mail and I couldn't love them more. They're incredibly sturdy and well made and I'm praying they last until elementary school. 

So for Easter, I decided to stuff them with some fun Easter eggs, a bubble wand, a sturdy new water bottle for summer adventures, a new book for each of them, and some cheesy character plates, because they're 1 & 2 and we have to keep it REAL over here. Sis also got a pair of FP Moccs in hers, and Baylor got a slew of new trucks to keep him busy. 

As far as candy goes, I really try to limit how much we shell out around Easter (that isn't an egg pun, for those of you wondering). I included some pez, a few M&Ms, and each of them got a ring pop, because who doesn't love a ring pop when you're that age? Oh the novelty! Otherwise, we kept it low key in the treat category. Also, Lord knows that Nana & Gammy will have that taken care of. #spoiledlittles

So there's that ... our Easter backpacks. Now...where am I going to hide them?! Baylor is going to LOVE searching for his. We've done a few trial egg hunts around the house and he's pretty much dominating. Yesterday, we filled each egg with a bit of cereal and he could eat his breakfast as soon as he found all of the eggs. While this may sound like a form of child labor, I'm pretty sure he thought it was the coolest activity he's done in months and for me? Well, it pushed breakfast back 15 minutes, which is always a win. Ain't nobody got time for a breakfast routine at 7:00 am. #gobacktosleep

What's in YOUR Easter baskets? Hope you have an EGGcelent (that is an egg pun;) Wednesday. xo

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