Weekend Update

Monday, April 20, 2015

this weekend was nothing sort of jam-packed. and when I say jam-packed, I mean fair scones & elephant ears.

Friday, we spent the day at the zoo with our regular friday crew. (I try to take Fridays off and give myself a personal day - rarely does it pan out that way as this job is 24/7, but we attempt). Baylor was thrilled about the zoo and read his map the whole way through, pointing us to his next animal. "we need to see dis guy next." Sis said "Hiiiiiiiiii!" to every animal she could find, but overall, the fan favorite seemed to be the orangutans.

Saturday morning, we decided to be spontaneous and hit up the spring fair. Let me tell you, I loathe the fair for the most part, as it always seems to be the best showing of America's armpit, but I agreed to go, as Collin had his heart set. While we did see some interesting versions of humanity, the kids thought they'd died & gone to heaven. We ate jam-filled fair scones, saw lots of cows & llamas, pet a hog who was to become bacon the very next day (sad!), and even watched a cow get a shower! Exciting, I tell you! Baylor was a bit confused and kept asking where Mickey Mouse was (we're headed to Disneyland soon and he couldn't seem to differentiate the two). While I get the similarities, I hope he's much more excited when we land in Disneyland. We loved the fair and finished the morning off with a "dewicious ice-peam cone" in which sis could hardly bare the fact that she had to share with her brother. drama.

The kids had a birthday party saturday afternoon and as soon as we were done there, Collin and I had a date night with friends to celebrate another birthday! (PARTY GALORE!)

We went to DERU for dinner, which is this FABULOUS little spot hidden in a local neighborhood. The cake is pretty much perfect and their salted peanut butter cookies - well, they're stupid good. (we ate real food for dinner too, which is equally great, but the cake & cookies are too good to not give shout-outs too). The weather has been SO nice here, and it was so refreshing to dine al fresco. We slept with the windows open and the sound of our waterfalls lulling us to sleep. . . perfect. day.

We did haircuts on Sunday morning on the patio before Collin had to fly out for work (hate those weekend flights!). We spent the rest of the day relaxing and recharging for Monday. Bring it, big M!

In the words of Baylor Boone (who talks non-stop these days)... "adios muchachos"

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