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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Date nights are one of those things - absolutely lovely when you're in the moment, but a hell of an ordeal before hand. It's almost as if my kids are a polar vortex and to separate from them requires mercury to be in retrograde. (is that even a thing? do you catch my drift?) 

SO...Collin and I are in a constant battle with work schedules, kids schedules, convenience and the like trying to plan date nights. It takes a lot of effort, but really, once you're out together, sans toddlers, you feel good. No, you feel great. Sweet relief, a little quality time (my love language), and some adult conversation. 

Here's the reality: date nights don't have to be fancy! They don't have to be elaborate or even expensive. Here's a few ideas to get your mind working...

1. WHEN IN DOUBT, PICNIC! Cut up some cheese & crackers, maybe make a charcuterie board-to-go and go have a little picnic at the lake or the park. Fresh air is good for the bones. And, maybe it's just me, but it seems like there's something romantic about sitting on a picnic blanket together! 

2. STAY IN! Okay, yes, I'm telling you to go on a date and now I'm telling you to stay in. BUT... this one is actually kind of fun! (and is do-able if you can't find childcare, because.... the struggle is real). Feed the kids, do the tubby and put them down (early!). AND THEN... turn on some tunes, pour a couple glasses of wine (or beer - whatever you fancy), and start cooking! The kitchen can be a sweet place to bond and cooking is way less stressful when you don't have two ankle biters hanging out on the floor. Find a recipe you haven't tried and make a night of it. Once dinner is finished, rent a movie and end the night curled up on the sofa. (ps... don't forget the ice cream - this is the key to every successful date night)

3. TAKE A WALK! Ok, I'll be the first to say it out loud... I loathe hiking. Nothing about it gets me excited. I know, it seems like blasphemy when you live in the PNW and there are hiking trails galore, but we are each entitled to our own opinion. Here's the thing though: I love going on walks. I love walking golf courses (chambers bay is up here and holy goodness it's a beauty) or walking around the lake. Even a walk in the hood works for me. (especially if Starbucks is our mid-point). SO... pick a decent walk (not too short, because it's a date, after all!) and get your cutest work out duds on. (if you like to hike - do that instead! do you, boo boo!) After your walk, maybe grab a quick bite to eat or even a smoothie. Bask in the sun for a few and call it a day! In the words of Ina Garten: "how easy is that!"

Dating is SO important to a happy marriage, and if you have kids, it's important to see that you take time out of your busy lives to spend with eachother! I love when Baylor asks if we're going on a date, cause it lets me know that he's paying attention! Happy Dating! 

ps... if you're single, I have no advice to offer you. My apologies in advance. #tinder? #yourtimewillcome #sleepwhileyoucan #eatinbedwhileyoucan #stayweird 

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