Weekend Update - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Starting the week on a Tuesday has some seriously great potential, if I must say so. Our Memorial Day weekend was pretty fantastic. Things started off on a bit of a whim, as we decided on Friday night that we'd go visit Pullman for the weekend, watch a few Cougar baseball games and enjoy the SUNSHINE that was missing on this side of the mountains. We packed up the car, headed out at 6:30 AM (with a quick stop at Starbucks, but of course), and listened to Toy Story in the backseat for the umpteenth time. The kids had an amazing time in Pullman (how could you not?!), and we made so many special memories. Baylor played baseball with Butch on the home field, we had Martin Stadium as our own personal playground, and caught up with lots of great friends. It was seriously such a perfect weekend! 

Hope your weekend was patriotic and that your week is off to an excellent start! We're ready to bust out the swimming pool and give summer a big wet welcoming kiss! 

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